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slavery unit test

kutny latin study guide

Spartacus arrested, enslave, gladiator, led slave uprising
Crixus leader of the Germans and Gauls in revolt
Crassus richest man in Rome;defeated sparticus
Capua center of gladiator training in italy
Pompeii city near Vesuvius
Vesuvius where Spartacus first took refuge
Alps mountains north of Italy
thrace birthplace of Spartacus
gladiator Spartacus' "occupation"
73 BC slave rebellion began
71 BC slave rebellion ended
Pompey Roman General who led his forces to assist in the war
top of social classes patrician
middle social class equestrian
bottom social class plebians + slaves
freed slaves were liberti
freed slaves were in what class plebian
what happened to a runaway slave branded with FVG
FUG stands for fugitive
FUR stands for thief
what are slaves or freed slaves jobs teacher, doctor, accountant
what jobs CANT slaves have senator, lawyer, military officer
slave who took children to and from school and was a tutor is a paedagous
where did new slaves come from criminal, pirate, born into slavery
what rights did slaves have food, shelter, clothing
who cant be enslaved roman citizens, Italians
what slaves were worth the most money attractive, educated
explain slave markets chalk on feet, signs around neck, on platforms
Created by: canny caileen