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Forensic final 11/29

Forensic Science

The fingerprint classification system used in most English speaking countries was devised by: Henry
Under which circumstances have two people ben found to have identical fingerprints? None to date
It is estimated that there are as many as_____ridge characteristics in an average complete fingerprint. 150
The most commonly encountered ridge characteristics (used by AFIS) are the: bifurcation and ridge ending
What is the minimum number of ridge characteristics necesary before two fingerprints can be identified as the same? No minimum exists. Final determination must be made based on experience and knowledge of expert.
Fingerprints are formed: During fetal development
The friction skin ridges resist slippage and provide a firmer grip
Prints that are not readily visible are commonly referred to as latent
The most common ridge pattern is the Loop
To permanently alter the fingerprint and produce scars, one must damage the: Dermal papillae
AFIS is a(n) Computerized system for storing and retrieving fingerprint records
Prints impressed in a bar of soap are referred to as plastic
Which is NOT considered a porous surface? Tile
Ninhydrin is used on a latent print to detect Protein Material
In which order should chemical treatments visualize latent prints be performed? 1)Ninhydrin 2) iodine fuming 3)Physical developer 2,1,3
Superglue fuming is NOT suitible for us on Cardboard
After successfully visualizing a latent print on an object an investigator should next: take a 1:1 photograph of the print
The fingerprint pattern accounting for only 5 percent of all known patterns is the: Arch
What statement is true of a parital fingerprint? Any print can identify a criminal if it shows an adequate number of ridge characteristics
Chemical methods for developing latent fingerprints must be used in the following sequence: Iodine, ninhydrin, physical developer
The three most common types of handguns are: Single-Shot, revolvers, and semi automatics
The barrel of a shotgun: is smooth without the grooves and lands found in rifles
The reason grooves are rifled into the bore of a gun is so that a: bullet will be made to spin and hence have a true and accurate course on leaving the barrel
The comparison of two bullets is possible with the comparison microscope. Such a study is made difficult by the fact that: A, B, and C (all of the above) a: bullets distorted on impact B:lands and grooves subject to wear and tear C:grit and rust can alter markings on bullets fired through same barrel.
Generally, the gauage of a shotgun is_____ to the diameter of its barrel: Directly related
Distinctive markings of shells and cartridges can be made by the: extractor and ejector mechanism, magazine, firing pin, breech block-all of the above
IBIS is/are: automated screening tools for firearm evidence
Generaly speaking, the amount of gun powder particles found around a bullet hole is ____ to the distance from which the weapon was fired: directly related
Gun powder residue patterns can be detected by: The Greiss test and IR photograph
The likelihood of detecting GSR on swabs taken from libing subjects more than six hours after a firing has occcurred is ___ the likelihood of detecting GSR within two hours of firing. Less than
To prevent the disturbance of latent fingerprints on a firearm, the weapon should be lifted by The edge of the trigger guard or by the checkered portion of the grip
Discharged evidence bullets must be carefully handled to avoid damage to the striation markings
Tools and tool marks are often found at burglary scenes and can be useful evidence. Proper evidence collection by the field investigator would include taking a photograph and cast of the marks, if necessary
Shoe and tire marks impressed into soft earth can be best preserved by photographing and casting with dental stone
Which of the following is not expected to show any evidential arks or impressionns? a shotgun pelet
Two elements detected on the hands of an individual who has recently fired a weapon are barium and antimony
The presence of gunpowder residues on a garment whose color conceals the existence of the residues is best revealed by infrared photography
The distribution of gunpowder particles and other discharge residues around a bullet hole permits determination of the distance from which the gun was fired
An imprint may be lifted from a surface at a crime scene using an electrostatic lifting device
A wear pattern, cut, gouge, or other damage pattern can impart_____ characteristics to a shoe: individual
Created by: BallisticsGal