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Chapter 20 vocab

a parasite made of nucleic acids and protein mostly virus
unicellar life form that lacks a nucleus prokaryote
any agent that causes a disease pathogen
spiral shaped bacteria spirilla
a type of protein that causes disease prion
when 2 prokaryotes exchange DNA, it is called this conjugation
rod-shaped bacteria bacilli
viral infection that takes over a host cell immediately lytic
protein coat that surrounds a virus capsid
type of virus that infects a bactetia bacteriophage
an unknown disease that shows up and causes illness in many emerging
when viral DNA becomes part of the host cells DNA prophage
process in which a bacteria splits in half...a type of reproduction binary fission
in harsh environments, a bacteria will form this to survive endospore
spherical shaped bacteria cocci
virus that contains RNA retrovirus
a weakened form of a virus or bacteria that is designed to trigger a safe immune response....will protect against the real disease later on vaccination
viral infection that does not take over host cell immediately lysogenic
a group of drugs used to block the growth and reproduction of bacterial pathogens antibiotic
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