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Narro mid term voca

St. Gabriels Mid term vocab for Ms. Narro 7th grade 2004-2005

adjacent near, next to
barren not produtive, bare
buffoon a clown; a coarse, stupid person
consolidate to combine, unite; to make solid or firm
controversial varousing argument, dispute, or dis agreemet
culminate to reach a high point of development; to end, climax
detest to hate dislike very much, loathe
docile easily taught, led, or managed; obidient
drone a loafer, idler, to speak in a dull tone of voice
dynasty a powerful family or group of rulers
enterpreneur a person who sarts up and takes on the risk of a buisness
entreat to beg, implore, ask earnestly
eradicate to root out, get rid of, destroy completely
firebrand a piece of burning wood; a troublemaker; an extremely energetic or emotional person
flagrant extremly bad, glaring; scandalous, notorious
fledgling an inexperienced person, beginner;
germinate to begin to grow, come into being
humdrum ordinary, dull, routine, without variation
indignant filled with resentment or anger over something unjust or mean
inimitable not capable of being copied or imitated
insinuate to suggest, to hint slyly
iota a very small part or quanity
literate able to read and write; showing an excellent educational past
malignant deadly, extremly harmful, evil; spiteful, malicious
marginal in, at, or near the edge or margin; only barely good or large
maul to beat or knock about, handle roughly, to mangle
mutual shared felt or shown equality by two or more people
orthodox in agreement with established or generally accepted beliefs
paradox a self contradictory statement that on closer looking is true
pending waiting to be settled, (prep) until
perjury an act of swearin to a lie
poised balanced, suspended: calm, cotrolled; ready for action
procure to obtain through special effort; to bring about
proficient skilled, expert, or capable in any field or activity
prominent standing out so as to be easily seen; important, well known
recompense to pay back to give a reward
regime a government in power, a period of rule
resume a brief summary
salvo a burst of gunfire or cannons; often as a tribute or salute; a spirited verbal attack
scrimp to handle very economically or stingily
seethe to boil or foam; to be excited or disturbed
singe to burn slightly; a burnat the ends or edges
tactfull skilled in handling difficult situations or people, polite
tamper to interfere with; to meddle rashly or foolishly with
unscathed wholly unharmed, not injured
vicious evil, bad, spitful; having bad habits
wince to draw back suddenly, as though in pain or fear
Created by: dld