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Science Revision

What is an Ecosystem? An ecosystem is a system of living and non-living things that interact and depend upon eachother
What is the importance of sun to life on earth? The sun is said to be the source of all life on earth because plants need sun for energy to make food, animals eat the plants for their energy.
What is an abiotic factor? non-living thing
List examples of abiotic factors rock, water and air
What is a biotic factor? living thing
List examples of biotic factors plants, trees and animals
What is Gaia? mother earth
What is a habitat? the place where an organism lives
List the things organisms need in their habitats to survive sun, water, soil and gasses.
Write the definition of environment describes the living and non-living thing that effect organisms in a particular place.
What are producers? an organism, such as a plant, that uses photosynthesis to make its own food from the suns energy.
what is a another name for a producer?
What is a consumer? an organism that relies on other organisms for its food.
What do herbivores eat? they eat plants
What do omnivores eat? eats plants and other animals
What do carnivores eat? eats other animals
What type of organism always starts a food chain? producers
How do producers make their own food? Explain the process using a chemical word equation carbon dioxide + water arrow with sunlight and chlorophyll. sugar (food) + oxygen
How do consumers and producers make their energy required for growth and repair? Explain the process using a chemical word equation
What is a second order consumer?
What do decomposers do within the environment? they break down dead and decaying matter.
What is the definition of biodegradble? describes substances that can be broken down easily in the environment
What is the definition of non-biodegradable? describes substances that can not be broken down easily in the environment.
List the 4 main types of decomposers and what type/s of organisms they decompose fungi, worms, bacteria and flies
Why are decomposers called natutral recyclers? because decomposers can usually recylce anything that was once living.
What does competition mean? the fight between living things for the same resource in the environment.
What things in a habitat do animals compete for? shelter and a mate to reproduce
What things in habitat do plants compete for? other animals
What is a predator? an animal that hunts other animals for food
What is a prey? an animal that is hunted by other animals for food
Provide an example of a predator and a prey owl and a mouce
Describe how this predator has adapted to its role it has very large eyes for the night and excellent hearing that helps them pin point there prey
Describe how this prey has adapted to this role a very close relationship between two organisms of different species.
Why do animals need to adapt to their environment? because they would not be fit to survive where they are.
What is symbiosis? a very close relationship between two organism of differnt species.
What is commensalism? and what is an example of it a relationship between organisms where one benifits and the other is unaffected. clown fish and sea anemones is an example.
What is mutalism? and what is an example of it a relationship between two different organisms in which both benifit
What is parasitism? and what is an example of it the relation between two different kinds of organisms in which one receives benefits from the other by causing damage to it
What is a parasite? an organism that lives in or on another organism.
What is a host? an organism that is affected by a parasite
List the 3 types of fossil fuels Oil, Coal and Gas
Created by: semone