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which of these best describe a lens a think piece of glass with curved glasses
which intrument has magnifiying power of about 40 times light microscope
how does a standard light microscope magnify a specimen using multipule lenses
how is the magnification of a microscope calculated objective power times the power of the eyepeice
specimen slides are blank very thin so they are illuminated from below
microscopes can only be used to study living things,true or false false
how is a wet slide specimen,such as pond water, prepearded for viewinga a drop of liquid is placed on a slide and covered with a cover slip before viewing
antony van leeuwenhoek is known as the father of blank microbiology
what is an exoskeloton supports and protects the animals body
why is the wowbug used in the classroom the wowbug is harmless to humans and is easy to maintain.It also does noy fly
is the wowbug known as a parisite,yes oe no yes
what charecteristics of the wowbug did you observe that suggest that it is an insect three body parts,6 legs,antennae,wings
in what ways did your wowbug remove the flower dust from its body.list two things why you think grooming is important to a wowbug used its antennae and legs to remove the four dust from its body,and shook its head.important to groom so the herged body can function
how did the diameter of field of veiw change when you changed the compound microscope objective lenses the diameter got smaller you could see less of the specimen,but the amount you can see is magnified
dorsal view is seeing from the top above
ventral view is belly side
lateral view is side view profile
anterior view is head,top
possterior view is tailend
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