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Less 14 Vocab

かりる to borrow Y from X
かす to lend Y to X
しらべる to check; investigate
もどる For X to return
やすむ For X to rest to be absent from X
おこす to wake X up
おきる for X to wake up
つかう to use X; spend (money)
だす Xを to take X out; to turn in (homework etc.) to mail (a letter) Verb (stem) だす to do...out (of a room, building, etc.) to start doing
かしだし lending service (library, lang, lab, etc)
しょくじ dining meal
かいぎ meeting; conference
しゅくだい homework
うんどう (physical) evidence
きかん period; term
がっき school term
おしょうがつ New Year's Day
いしゃ (medical) doctor
くすり medicine; drug
おさけ alcohol
そと outside; outdoors
みち road; street; direction (how to go)
ちず map
きそく rule; regulation
こたえ voice
タクシー taxi
テープレコーダー typewriter
ほか(の) ほか(に) an other;....else besides that
きみ you
あさって day after tomorrow
おおきな big; large (appears before nouns only)
しずかに quietly
ーいん employee; member
いない or less (time)
いご or thereafter
すると then; thereupon
Created by: PandaPez