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Nursing Term-Week 13

Adolescent Pertains to adolescent or young man or woman not fully grown
Circadian Rhythm Rhythm that completes a full cycle every 24 hours
Cooperative Play Organized play among a group of children in which activities are planned for the purpose of achieving some goal
Delta Sleep Deep sleep, occuring during stage III and especially stage IV in NREM sleep
Enuresis Involuntary urination. Complete or partial, diurnal or nocturnal. May be voluntary
Isolation Limitation of movement and social contacts of patients suffering from or a known carrier of
Maturation The process or condition of attaining complete development
Non-Rapid Eye Movement Sleep (NREM) Characterizes four stages of sleep
Parallel Play To play alongside another child but not with him; social interaction does not occur
Pediatrics Medical science relating to the hygiene care of children and treatment of diseases peculiar to them
Peer Group A group in which memebers have equal standing with each other
Peer Group Pressure Strong motivation real or perceived for conformity to values, customs, and fads (within the age group)
Preschool Human; 3-5;nursery
Puberty The age during which the reproductive organs become active and secondary sex characteristics develop
Rapid Eye Movement Sleep (REM) Stage that constitute 20-25% of a person's nightly sleep; person is difficult to arouse during this stage
Solitary Play A form of play among a group of children within the same room or area in which each child engages independent activity (do not want to play with other children)
Toddler Young child who talks with short tottering steps (1-3 years old)
Generativity The willignness to care for and guide others desecribed by Erikson as a developmental task of the middle years of life
Masturbation Self-stimulation of the genitals or of the body parts to derive erotic pleasure
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