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Respiratory Acidosis

respiratory acidosis

Respiratory acidosis can be caused by any ______ of the lungs. impairment
Some causes of respiratory acidosis includes respiratory depression, inadequate chest expansion, airway obstruction, alveolar-capillary diffusion reduction
Respiratory depression includes depressed brainstem neurons, can be caused by anesthetics, drugs, poisons, pesticides, botulin toxin, electrolyte imbalance, trauma or inc ICP
inc ICP is caused by brain tumors, cerebral aneurysm, stroke, overhydration
INadequate chext expansion includes affects of trauma, deformities, muscle weakness, external constriction, flail chest
Muscle weakness is caused by electrolyte imbalances, fatigue, dystrophy, damamge or breakdown
Airway obstruction includes any prevention of ventilation. External - clothing, edema, lymph node enlargement INternal - aspiration, bronchoconstriction, mucous, edema
Alveolar-capillary diffusion reduction is caused by pneumonia, pneumonitis, tuberculosis, emphysema, acute respiratory distress syndrome, chest trauma, pulmonary emboli/edme, drowning, cigarettes, sedation/anesthesia, head injury, resp paralysis, COPD, overbreathing of CO2
Respiratory acidosis cardiovascular s/s tachycardia, dysryhthmias, headache, cyanosis
Respiratory acidosis neurological s/s blurred vision, tremors, vertigo, disoriented, lethargy, somnolence, inc of CFP, pailledema, acid crosses blood-brain barrier easily
Sever acidosis sign is peripheral vasodialation (reddening) and hypotension (low BP)
What is the one true underlying cause of respiratory acidosis? CO2 retention
What are care actions/interventions for this patient? Fluids, monitor respirations, maintain patent airway, physiotherapy, oxygen therapy and prevention of complications
Created by: kalensnyder