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West Africa

What did the Mansa Musa gain from his pilgrimage to Mecca? He made his city more popular and brought back a scholar and an architect.
How did an African kinship evolve? It went from Kinship to Village to City to Kingdom.
How was work shared in African kin-ships? Women Cooked and Cleaned and Cared for kids. Men cared for crops and built huts. Children helped the fathers and gathered wood for the fire.
Why did North and West Africa trade their gold and salt for one another? Gold was in high demand in North Africa and salt was in high demand in West Africa.
Why did King Ofonso cut trade with portugal? Because they could not keep getting slaves for trade.
What are three vegitation zones? Desert,Savannah,Rain Forest
Why are Griots Important? Because they tell stories that pass on their kinships.
Why was the Niger river so important? Because it provided Irrigation and farming as well as a source of water.
Why were camels important? They made traveling alot easier and they could carry salt slabs.
how did Askia Muhhumad rule his government? He turned his land into provinces and made a governor for each one.
Created by: MlgVg