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Family Code-Juvenile

TCLEOSE- Family Code/Juvenile Issues

The Texas Family Code defines a "Child" as? 10 yrs of age and younger than 17
FC 51.03, reads that conduct other than a traffic offense that violates a penal law of this state or the laws of the US punishable by imprisonment or by confinement in jail is? Delinquent Conduct
Conduct that includes Truancy, runaway, and curfew violations is considered? Conduct indicating a need for supervision
When a "child" commits a felony (other than a state jail felony) after at least 2 previous adjudications for felony, this is called? Habitual Felony Conduct
"_____" means the person who, under court order, is the "______" of the person of the child or the public or private agency w/whom the child has been placed by a court. Guardian
"_____", means the adult w/whom the child resides. Custodian
In order for a "child's statement" to be admissible in court, which of the following must be done? The statement shows that the child has at some time before the making of the statement received from a magistrate a warning.
A child may be detained in Juvenile Processing Office only for? -the completion of essential forms & records required by the juvi court, the photographing & fingerprinting of the child otherwise authorized at the time of temporary detention, and the issuance of warnings to the child
A child may not be detained in Juvenile Processing Office for longer than? 6 hrs
A child may only be detained in a? - Juvenile processing office, certified juvenile detention facility, and a place of non-secure custody in compliance w/ Art 45.058 CCP
Except for CCP Chapter 63, a child may not be fingerprinted/photographed w/o the consent of the Juvenile Court unless the child is taken into custody/referred to the Juvenile Court for conduct that constitutes a felony or a misdemeanor punishable by jail. False
It is permissible by law that a LE Officer take temporary custody of a child to take the child's fingerprints if... the officer has probable cause to believe that the child has run away from home
A child may be taken into custody; issuance of Warning Notice, if the child has... violated a penal law of this state or a penal ordinance of any political subdivision
What are the rights and duties of a parent? the duty to care, control, protect, and give reasonable discipline to the child
Who are required to report immediatley if they believe a child's physical or mental health or welfare has been adversely affected by abuse or neglect? A school professional, a school volunteer, and a person at a child care facility
T/F is a police officer reasonably believes that a child in his custody is in need of medical attention, the Peace officer may NOT give consent for treatment. False
A report in regard to the suspected abuse, neglect, and/or welfare is to be made... immediately
T/F a person who takes possession of a child w/o a court order is immune from civil liability if at the time of possession taken, there is reasonable cause to believe there is an immediate danger to the physical health or safety of the child. True
If it is necessary to place a juvenile in a county correctional facility, the child is to be separated from adult prisoners by? sight and sound
A person 18 or older whose disappearance is possibly not voluntary it is the definition of? missing person
Missing Children & Missing Persons Information Clearinghouse are established within? TX Dept of Public Safety
T/F a potentially abducted child or a person w/ an intellectual disability is covered in the Amber Alert system. True
Who may request that the Amber Alert System ba acticated? LEA
T/F clearinhouse records that related to the investigation by a LEA or a missing child, person, or unidentified body, and records or notations that the clearinghouse maintains for internal use are NOT conifidential. False
What influences may effect an adolescent's encounter w/ the police? peer pressure, need for independence, and rebellion against authority
Acceptance, protection, and bonding are examples of what? needs met by becoming involved w/ gangs
A peace officer may impact which of the following attitudes and behaviors of juveniles? positive, negative, and role model
A peace officer's role in intervention usually has two purposes... 1. preventer 2. enforcer/protector
What are requirements when waiving a juveniles' rights? waiver is made by the child and attorney, waiver is voluntary, and waiver is made in open court
Who shall inspect the juvenile detention facilities at least annually? judges of the juvenile court and members of the juvenile board
What are the conditions for a juvenile being detained in a juvenile processing office? the reture of a child to a person of proper authority, competion of essential forms and rcords, and photographing and fingerprinting of the child
A child placed in a non-approved detention facility... is entitled to immediate release from custody in that facility
T/F A child may be fingerprinted if the child is taken into custody for a delinquent conduct charge. True
If no relative is avaliable to consent to medical treatment for a 14 yr old minor child, consent may be required from... the juvenile court judge
T/F A child can give a statement to a peace officer if the child is a non-custodial situation and is free to leave at any time. True
Statues define a delinquent child as one who... violated a felony or Class A/B misdemeanor
T/F You may take a statement from a child suspect who you detained w/o permission form the child's parents or judge. False
T/F A peace officer may have a potential impact on the attitudes and behaviors of juveniles by demonstrating a positive acknowledgement of their existence. True
Created by: lsalyer
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