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Latin- Chapter 1

From "Traditio" by Patricia A. Johnston

Present Active Imperative -ā/ē - te
Breathe spirō spirāre spirāvī spirātus
Future Active Indicative 1st and 2nd Conjugations -bo -bis -bit -bimus -bitis -bunt
often saepe
Present Active Indicative First Conjugation (-āre) -ō -s -t -mus -tis -nt
4 kinds of information a verb conveys 1. subject (person and number) 2. mood (indicative/subjunctive/imperative) 3. Tense (past/present/future) 4. Voice (active/passive)
See vidēo vidēre vīdī vīsus
Fear Be Afraid of timēo timēre timuī ----
Hold tenēo tenēre tenuī tentus
Love amō amāre amāvī amātus
Want Wish Choose optō optāre optāvī optātus
to indicate a question -ne...
in the water in aquā
warn advise manēo manēre manuī manitus
but sed
Perfect tense -ī -istī -it -īmus -istis -ērunt
not nōn
never numquam
Bite Sting mordēo mordēre mormordī morsus
Seize Capture captō captāre captāvī captātus
Why? cūr
Hope (for) spērō spērāre spērāvī spērātus
Prepare parō parāre parāvī parātus
"Be unwilling to" (don't___) [negative command] nōlī nōlīte
Think cōgitō cōgitāre cōgitāvī cōogitātus
Sing cantō cantāre cantāvī cantātus
Principle Parts 1. I ___ (I love) 2. to____ (to love) 3. I have ____ (I have loved) 4. ___ed ((be)loved)
Present Active Indicative second conjugation (-ēre) -ēo -ēs -et -ēmus -ētis -ent
Give dō dare dedī datus
wander make a mistake errō errāre errāvī errātus
please amābo tē
Created by: kolendam