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ph. science ch. 16

phisical science chapter 16

sound is a desterbance that traveled through a medium-waves begin with a vibration
vibration desterbes the air particles-you can hear the desterbance
reflection when a sound hits off a wall, it makes an echo
diffraction sound waves dont travel in a strate line. the sound spreads out
interfrence sound waves meet and interact with eachother
loudness depends on two factors-1-the amount of energy 2-the pitch
pitch is a description of how high or low a note is
ultra sound sound waves with frequencies above the human range
infrasound-below what a human can hear below what a human can hear
the doppler effect the change in frequency of a wave of a wave as its source moves in the relation to an observer
acustics the study of how sounds interact with eachother
ear canal the canal which the wave traveles in
ear drum the vibration hits this and sends a signal
middle ear containes the two smallest bones in your body
hammer Anvil stirrup giant chain link attacked to the inner ear middle
cochlea auditory prossesor contained hair cells which makes you hear sents message to brain tells you what they said
hear loss if you hear something to lowd this occurs
sonar is the use of reflected soundwaves to detected of locate onjects underwater
echolocation is the use of reflected stored waves to deter main distances or to locate objects
sonogram the device uses the reflected ultrasound waves to create a picture
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