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what is the difference between abotic and biotic factors? Abotic: describes the non-living things i an ecosystem. Biotic: describes the living things in a ecosystem.
why is the sun the source of of all life on earth? It supplies the energy that plants use to make their food that plants make for their energy.
Explain the scientfic theory of Gaia mother earth
Definition of a enviroment and examples describes the living and non living things that affect orginisms in a particular place describes the surrounding of living things. example: deserts,woodlands,rainforests,grass lands,lakes,oceans
write the definition for decomposers and describe their importance to a food web. decomposers is a orangism that breaks dead and decaying matter decomposers make nutrients in dead things avablible for other plants and animals without them the whole world would be full of dead animals.
list 4 different types of decomposers bacteria,flies and maggots,fungi,worms
symbiosis a very close relationship between two organisms of different spieces. it may benefit or harm one of the partners
host an organism that is affected by a paristie the host supplies something that the paristite needs.
commensalism a relationship between organisms where one benefits the other is unaffected.
Created by: kabdallah