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W. Reed Vocab

W. Reed's Midterm Vocabulary

Latin WordsDefinitions
videt; vidit sees
emit; emit buys
vocat; vocavit calls
audit; audivit hears, listens to
venit; venit comes
habitat; habitavit lives
ambulat; amubulavit walks
eligit; elegit chooses
portat; portavit carries
respondet; respondit replies
salit; saluit leaps, jumps
intrat; intravit enters
recumbit; recubuit reclines, lies down
stat; stetit stands
spectat; spectavit looks at, watches
gustat; gustavit tastes
parat; paravit prepares
laborat;laboravit works
quaerit; quaesivit searches for, looks for
dormit; dormivit sleeps
sedet; sedit sits
stola (long) dress
homo person, man
iterum again
tamen however
quod because
subito suddenly
mortuus dead
salutat; salutavit greets
ponit; posuit puts, places
dat; dedit gives
timet; timuit is afraid, fears
laudat; laudavit praises
cena dinner
amicus friend
dominus master
ad to, at
coquus cook
cibus food
servus slave
hortus garden
pecunia money
puella girl
panis bread
ancilla slave-girl, slave-woman
vinum wine
civis citizen
nauta sailor
uxor wife
pulcher beautiful, handsome
postquam after, when
urbs city
valde very much, very
igitur therefore, and so
sum I am
es you (singular) are
est she, he, it is
sumus we are
estis you (plural) are
sunt they are
eram I was
eras you (singular) were
erat she, he, it was
eramus we were
eratis you (plural) were
erant they were
ego I
mihi to me
me me
tu you
tibi to you
te you
nos we
nobis to us
nos us
vos you
vobis to you
vos you
lente slowly
Created by: hannah324