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Ch. 10 - Test

Science: Motion & Momentum

If you are driving up a curvy mountain road, would your displacement be greater than or less than your distance? Less than
Motion is a change in position
Does a line on a speed-time graph with a steep slope indicate a greater or a lesser speed? greater
As a moving object's velocity decreases, its momentum decreases
If two objects collided, what effect does that have on their momentum? When things hit each other it transfers
To have ______________ an object must be moving. momentum
Speed is the rate of change in distance
To describe velocity, what two things do you need to know? speed & direction
Acceleration is a change in velocity
On a speed-time graph, a __________ line shows the change in speed zero. straight
If you exert a force on an object in motion, you will change its direction
What is the formula for calculating speed? S = D/T
When object 'A' collides with object 'B' and bounces back, how does its final momentum compare to its starting momentum? same
What is momentum a measure of? How hard it is to stop an object
A cue ball hits another billiard ball and slows down. Why does the speed of the cue ball decrease? it transfers momentum to the other ball
What kind of speed is measured at a particular moment or instant in time? instantaneous speed
How can the displacement of an object be zero when the distance traveled was 1 mile? You could travel 0.5 miles and 0.5 back
List three ways to accelerate an object. speed up, slow down, changing direction
Be able to compare the slope of a line on an acceleration graph and determine faster and slower rates of acceleration.
Be able to calculate the speed of an object using information gotten from a graph.
Describe what will happen when a small ball moving in one direction strikes a large ball that is sitting still. What happens to the small ball? it will bounce back
Describe what will happen when a small ball moving in one direction strikes a large ball that is sitting still. What happens to the large ball? it will move the direction of the small ball
Review your math worksheet from S=D/T . There will be 4 to 5 problems on the test that are similar to theses problems. You will need to show your work, solve the problem, and have the right label.
A marathon runner can run 25 miles in 5 hours. What speed is she running?
On the European Autobahn, cars can drive up to 140 kph. How far can one of those cars get in 6 hours?
If an airplane travels at 400 miles per hour, how long would it take to travel 3600 miles?
Draw a speed-time graph that shows an increase in speed; one for a decrease in speed; and one for no change in speed.
Created by: clj.ss.7