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science revision LW

what is the difference between a open and closed switch? open switch: a circuit with out a break in it. electricity can not in an open circuit. closed switch: a circuit with out a break electricity can flow in a closed circuit.
what is the difference between a conductor and insulator? conductor: a materiel that allows electricity to flow through it eg= metal. Insulator: a material that does not allows electricity to flow through it e.g.: plastic.
what is current? current: the measure of the number of electrons flowing through a circuit.
what is a series circuit? series circuit: a circuit with the components joined one after the other in a single continuous loop.
what is voltage? voltage: a measure of the amount of electrical energy used in a circuit.
why are non metals insulators? the electrons inside insulators are strongly connected to the nucleus if the atoms and cannot move easily.
what is an ecosystem? ecosystem is: a system of living and non-living things that interact and depend upon each other.
what does abiotic mean? abiotic mean: describes the non-living things in an ecosystem.
define the terms environment and habitat. environment is: decribes the living and non-living thing that effects organisms in a particular place;decribes the sourroungings of living things. habitat is: the place where an organism lives.
what are producers? producers are: an organism such as a plant that uses photosynthesis to make its own food from the sun's enegy.
what are consumers? consumers are: an organism that relies on other organism for its food.
what does biodegrable mean? biodegrable mean: decribes substances that can be broken down easily in the environment.
what does competition mean? competition mean: the fight between living things for the same resource in the environment.
what is a predator? predator is: an animal that hunts other animals for food.
what is a prey? prey is: an animal that is hunted by other animals for food.
explain the differnce between perennial and ephemeral plants. perennial is: a plant with lifecycle of more than two years. ephemeral is: a plant with a very short life cycle,which springs up after rain.
what is symbiosis? symbiosis is: a very close relationship between two organims of different species.it may benefit or harm one of the partners.
what is mutualism? mutualism is:a relationship between two different organisms in which both benefit.
what is erosion? erosion is:the movement of weathered rock or soil from one place to anther by wind or water.
what is a pollination? pollination is: the process of transferring pollen from one plant to another.
what is greenhouse effect? greenhouse effect is: a natural effects of the earth atmosphere trapping heat tokeep the earth's temperature stable.
what is endangered species? endangered species is: an animal or plant that is under the threat of extinction. the biliby is one of many endangered australian mammals.
Created by: Lwassouf