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IV solutions

Common IV therapy solutions, tonicity, and examples of clinical use

0.9% Saline Isotonic; Trauma, diabetic ketoacidosis w/ blood transfusions, hyponatremia.
0.45% Saline Hypotonic; To supply normal daily salt and water requirements.
5% Dextrose in water D5W- Isotonic but becomes hypotonic once in the body. Vehicle for IV piggyback medications; hyperkalemia.
10% Dextrose in water Hypertonic;If TPN is abruptly discontinued. Calories.
5% Dextrose in 0.9% saline Hypertonic; Early treatment of burns
5% Dextrose in 0.45% saline Hypertonic; Postoperative; common maintenance fluid.
5% Dextrose in 0.225% saline Isotonic; Postoperative; common maintenance fluid.
Ringer's lactate Isotonic; Trauma, dehydration from severe diarrhea or vomiting.
5% Dextrose in Ringer's lactate Hypertonic; Burns, dehydration from severe diarrhea or vomiting.
NS 0.9% sodium chloride: Shock, resuscitation, fluid changes, blood transfusions, metabolic alkalosis,hypernatremia, DKA
LR Lactated Ringers: Dehydration, burns, GI tract fluid loss, acute blood loss, hypovalemia, surgical maintenance.
D5W 5% dextrose & 95% water: Fluid loss and dehydration, hypernatremia, maintain of blood sugar if NPO.
D5NS & uses 5% dextrose, o.9% NACl in water: Draws water from cells, used for over hydrated or edematous clients.
D5LR & uses 5% dextrose & lactated ringers; hypertonic dextrose solution: use for hypovolemic shock, hemorrhagic shock,Certain cases of acidosis.
D51/2NS 5% dextrose & 0.45% normal saline; hypertonic dextrose solution: use for heat exhaustion, diabetic disorders.
TPN Total Parenteral Nutrition; dextrose, protein, lipids, electrolytes, trace elements, vitamins, insulin (if needed): use for bypasses digestive system & places drip nutrients directly in the vein.
Hypertonic solutions D5NS; D5LR; D51/2NS; TPN
Hypotonic solutions
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