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Ch 42 - Endocrine

The endocrine system works inconjunction with this system? Nervous System
Which system's effects are slower, but effects are longer? Nervous or Endocrine? Endorine
These are gladns that relases secretions into ducts? Exocrine glands
If a hormone is release directly into the bloodsteam, which gland did it originate from? Endocrine gland
This is a substand which is created by one or more cells and has a physiological control over a tissue. Hormone
This is a gland that is very important in immune response and in childern? Thymus
What type of gland is the heart and what does it produce? It is an endocrine gland and it produces BNP
What type of feedback system is used by the endocrine system? Negative feed back.
What are the two general classifications of hormones? Lipid-soluble (steroid & thyroid) Water-soluble (Peptide/protein based)
What are the general charactrics of Lipid-solubles hormones? The are smaller size, Higher lipid-solubility Pentrate cell membrains and interact with intracellar receptors. Slower action
What are the general charactrics of Water-solubles hormones? Interact with the receptor sites on the cell serface. Act with in seconds or mins.
What changes to the skin may be due to endocrine disfunction? Thinning of the skin, edema, buffalo hump.
What changes to the face and eyes may be due to endocrine disfunction? Moon Face, Proptosis (bug eyed), Facial hair in women.
What condition may you see if a person has an excess amount of growth hormone, after puberty? Acromegaly
What is indicated if you respond to a diagnostic stimulation test? That the endocrine disfunction is located in the hypothalamus or pituitary gland.
An eosinophalic turmor in childern will lead to what condition? Gigantism - will cause muscular weakness
What condition will eosinophalic turmor cause in adults? Acromegaly - will cause muscular weakness
What s/s will you see in acromegaly? Growth of soft tissue. They will have a prominate aw and brow. Fingers, hands, and toes will contuine to grown.
This condition will dead to Cushing syndrome and hperadrenalism (excess of ACTH)? Basophilic tumors
What are the s/s of basophilic tumors? Truncal obesity, hypertension, osteoporosis, polycythmia. It will also cause masculinization and amenorrhea.
90% of all pituitary tumors can be catagorized as this type of tumor? Chromophobic tumor
A chromophobic tumor does not produce any hormones, so how does it effect the body. It destroys the pituitary gland.
What condtions would you expect to see in someone suffering from a chromophobic tumor? The will have a decrease in basal metabolic rate and temperature and will have polyphagia, which will cause obesity. They will also have HA, hair to become fine, polyuria, and a loss of libido.
If you have a tumor less than 10mm, which type of hypophysectomy will normally be used? Transsphenoidal approach. It is also the general approach for tumor removeal.
How will the size of the turmor be determined? CT and MRI
When will a total hypophysectomy be preformed and what intravention must be completed by the pt for the rest of their life? If there is a large tumor and the pt will have use replacement hormones for the rest of their life.
What is the benifit of the proton beam radiation? The beam is extremely narrow, so there is less damage to the non turmorious cells.
What is the function of somatostatin such as: Octreotide, lanretotide, pegvisomant? It reduces the production of growth hormones.
After surgery or radiation what drug will the pt have to take to replace GH? Somatotropin
Bromocriptine (parlodel) Dopamine agonist (reduces productiona dn release of GH)
You have a pt who has experinced a head trauma and is experincing Polyuria. What gland is damaged and which hormone is deficient and what condition is this pt suffering from? Posterior Pituitary, ADH and a deficiency can cause Diabetes Insipidus
What are the s/s of Diabetes Insipidus? Polydipsia (craving cold water and drinking 2-20L/day) Polyuria (urine spec gravity of 1.001-1.005)
What are some of the cause of DI? Head trauma, brain tumor, meds, surgical procedures (hyphophysectomy)
Fluid deprivation test With hold water for 8-12 hours, until 3-5% of body weight is loss. A positive result is if the pt is unable to increase urine spec gravity.
How would we treat DI? DDAVP, given by nasal spray q 12hrs.
What is the benifit of DDAVP (vasopressing0? It does not have the vascular effects of natural ADH. (still have to watch BP)
What education will this pt have to receive? That they will have to have DDAVP on their person at all times.
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