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med surg repro pt.2

tah-bso with pelvic lymph nodes removed radical hysterectomy
uterus removed thru vag vag hysterectomy
abd imcision made to preform hysterectomy abdominal hysterectomy
hyperplasia and cystic formation in breast mammary ducts fibrocystic breast condition
acute bacterial infection of the breast acute mastitis
fibrosis and cysts of the breasts chronic mastitis
acute or chronic infection in prostate gland prostitis
infection of the eppidydamis epididymitis
prepuce too small cannot retract foreskin phimosis
fl. accumulation between membranes of the testes hydrocele
dilation of scrotal veins causing obstruction or malfunction of circulation varocele
painless growth on glans penis cancer of penis
1% of population ages 15-25 firm pea lump cancer of testes
excessive mestral flow menorrhgia
tissue apear outside uterus endometrosis
device inserted into vag. to treat uterine prolapse pessary
bleeding between cycles metorrhagia
endometrial tissue appears outside uterus endometrosis
displacement of vagina into bladder cystocle
rectum oves toward posterior vag. wall retctocele
benign fibroid tumors arise from uterine muscle leiomyomas
surgical removal of muscle tissue myomectomy
ending pregnancy before 24 weeks abortion
absent or supressed menstral flow amenorrhea
uterine pain with menstration dysmenorrha
prolonged or constant penial erection priaprism
prolapse of ureter into bladder urethrocele
anormal pain during intercorse dysparenuria
painlfulmenstration dysmemorrha
endometrium inflamation enodmetritis
blood in urine hematuria
diffaculty initiating urinary system hesitancy
cannot get erection long or firm enough impotence
nitetime urination nocturia
decreased menstral flow oligomenorrhea
abnormally frequent menstral periods polymemorrha
spasmotic ontraction of anal or bladder spincter causes probs with pee and pooping tenesmus
gradual decline in testosterone levels around ages 55-70 male climatic
inflamation of cervix cervicitis
chronic or acute infection of repro parts ovaries extend PID
vag infection into connective tissues simple vaginitis
inability to concieve after 1 yr of no BC infertility
acute bacterial infection caused by staphlacoccus TSS
use of sub temp therapy to destroy FREEZE cryosurgery
badder scope to visualize lower urinary tract cystoscopy
uterus tilted forward and folded over self anteflexion uterus
uterus tilted bent forward on axis anteversion uterus
uterus tipped backward without flexion retroversion of uterus
uterus tipped backward and folded over on self retroflexion of uterus
menstral backflow that can cause endometriosis retrograde menstration
Created by: mindywagner