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Heart AQA

What is the blood flow of the heart from the Vena Cava? Right atrium Right ventricle pulmonary artery lungs pulmonary vein left artium left ventricle aorta body vena cava
What is the term for disease affecting the heart, specifiacally the coronary arteries? Coronary heart disease
What is atheroma? Endothelium is damaged and a bulge accumlates in wall of arterty (white blood cells, low-density lipoproteins). forms a plauge which can bulge into lumen reducing blood flow
What is a thrombosis? a blood clot which can break of and blck other blood vessels (embolism)
What is an aneurysm? an how does a atheroma lea to one swelling of artertwhich can rupture causing a herroage. An atheroma can weaken the artery walls
Cardiac output cm^3min^-1= heart rate min^-1 X stroke vol cm^3 (amount of blood pumped out of left ventricle for each beat)
What is mycogenic? Contraction is initated from within muscle its self (no involvement from brain)
What causes the second heart beat? The semi lunar values closing to prevent back flow die to ventricles relaxing,
Explain atrial systole. pressure in atria increases a.v valves open atrium contracts forcing blood in entricles
What causes the first heart beat? a.v closing due to an increase in pressure. instead blood is forced up into aorta.
What is a myocardial infarction? Blockage of conary artery causin in death of heart musle. If the area is lage enough it can be fatal
Why is diet a factor in MI? high levels of saltraise blood pressure high leels of sat fat. increase low-density lipoproteins level and blood colestrol conc.
Why is smoking, particually carbon monoixde, a factor in MI? binds with haemoglobin in RBc reducingoxygen capacity. Heart must work harder to supply muscles leading to CHD or strokes
Why is smoking particually nicotine, a fator in MI? timulates prodution of adrenaline increasting heart rate and bloo presure. Makes RBC 'sticky' leading to thombsis
why is a HBP a factor in MI? heart must work harder to pump blood arount them means heart more prone to failure. artieies may be weaken deeloping to aneurysm. to combat this walls thicken and harden resticting blood flow
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