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Tales of 4th Grade Nothing 2012 - 2013

Chapter 1 page 3: How did Peter Hatcher win his turtle? Peter five won it at Jimmy Fargo’s birthday party. He won it because he guessed that there 348 jellybeans jar.
Page 4: what did Peter name his pet turtle? He named it Dribble.
Page 5: why did Peter's mom not like the turtle? She did not like it because it smelled like turtle.
Page 6: what is Peter's dad's job? His job is to make advertisements.
What is Peter's biggest problem? It is his little brother Farley Drexel Hatcher.
What does everyone call Farley? Fudge.
Chapter 2 page 8: why was Peter's dad all excited when he came from office? Because Mr. and Mrs. Yarbey were coming to New York. He is the president of the Juicy-O company.
Page 9: When is fudge going to get a regular bed? When he is three.
Why didn't Peter want to sleep with Fudge? Because he talks in his sleep.
Page 10: What was Fudge’s favorite pastime? Banging pots and pins together.
How will Fudge be quiet? By giving him a few pairs of socks.
Page 11: What did the Fudge do? He ate 2 flowers.
Page 13: How old is Peter? He is nine years old.
Page 14: What did Mrs.Yarby give Fudge? A toy train.
Page 15: What did she give Peter? A picture dictionary.
What does Mr.Yarby asked for to drink? Juicy-O
Page 17: what can't Mr. Yarby stand? Reptiles.
Page 18: What did Mr.Yarby say? That Peter and Fudge did not have any manners.
Page 21: What did Fudge do to Mr.Yarby’s suitcase? He covered it in stamps.
What did Peter find out? That his dad did not like Juicy-O that much.
Ch 3: What commercial company is Peter's dad in charge of? The toddle-bike commercial.
What happened after Peter showed Fudge that he could stand on his head? He stopped eating the next day.
How did they get Fudge to eat? He pretended to be a dog and Mrs. Hatcher let Fudge eat on the floor.But that was only for a few days.
What did dad to Fudge since he was not eating his cereal? He dumped the whole bowl of cereal over Fudge's head.
Ch 4: Where does Peter live? Near Central Park.
Who is Sheila? A know it all.
What is Jimmy Fargo's dad? A part-time actor.
What does Fudge love? Birds.
What happened to Fudge in the park? He fell and his face was covered in blood. He also lost his two front teeth.
What happened to his lost teeth? He swallowed them.
What does Peter think? That his mom doesn't like him and only likes Fudge.
Ch 5: What did Peter start calling Fudge? Fang. But his mother didn't like it so he stopped.
Who did Mrs. Hatcher invite to Fudge's birthday party? Ralph, Sam and Jennie.(The only kids he plays with.)
What did Jennie do? Bite people.
What is wrong with Sam? He is afraid of everything.
What does Peter call Ralph? Fat Ralph.
Who did Jennie bite? Grandma.
How did Sam get really scared? When Jennie's balloon popped.
What did Jennie do in Peter's room? Make a tinkle.
Ch 6: What was one problem with Fudge's new bed? He kept falling out of it. So mom and dad surrounded the bed with chairs.
What is the rule in Dr.Brown's office? That no moms allowed.
What won't Fudge do at the dentist office? Open his mouth. So the doctor told Peter he can open his mouth wonderfully that Fudge can't. Then Fudge opened his mouth really wide.
What did Fudhe not want? No new shoes.
What did Fudge do in Hamburger Heaven? Smear mashed potatoes on the wall and dumped peas over his head.
Ch 7: What committee did Peter get into for class? A transportation committee with Sheila and Jimmy.
What did Fudge do to the poster? Scribble all over it.
Ch 8: Who did Dad's boss select for the toddle- bike commercial? Fudge.
How did they get Fudge to do the commercial? Peter again rode the bike and said that no one is better than him.
Ch 9: What movie did they go gto see? A bear's life.
What has happened during the movie? Fudge got lost.
Why did Fudge go to the front row? So he could pet the bears.
What type of omelet did dad make? A mushroom omelet with a dozen eggs.
Did his dad like it? No. But Fudge did.
Ch 10: When Peter looked on Dribble's tank what did he see? That Dribble was gone!
What happened to Dribble? Fudge ate him.
What happened when mom called the ambulance? The people laughed when she said my son swallowed a turtle.
What did the nurse tell Peter to do while Fudge and his mom were in the emergency room? Draw.
What question did Peter ask when the turtle got out of Fudge? Is it alive or dead.
What did Mom do when Fudge came back? Give him loads of presents and said you can have anything you want.
What present did Peter's parents give Peter? A dog to replace Dribble.
What did he name his dog? Turtle.
Created by: akbasu


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