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Science Ch8

Electrical energy

What is static electricty? The build up of charge on a object(when things rub together)
What is the release of build up charge called? Discharge
Explain the difference between static electricity and current electricity. Static electricity has no movement, whereas current electricity does.
What is the purpose of a switch? It opens and closes the gap in a curcuit which controls if the electricty flows through
What is an ammeter and what does it measure? a device used to measure the amount of current in a curcuit. (Amps)
What is electricity? A form of energy resulting from charged particles such as electrons and protons.
What is conductor? A material that allows electricity to flow throgh it.
What is an insulator? A material that does not allow electricity to flow through it.
Give 3 examples of conductors. 1. Metal 2. copper 3. salt water
Give 3 examples of insulators. 1. Plastic 2. air 3. wood
What is a closed circuit? A complete curcuit with no gaps.
What part of a light globe glows to produce light? The filament
From which terminal of a battery are electrons forced out? the negative terminal.
What does a voltage measure? How much energy the battery gives the electrons to move them around te curcuit.
What is the purpose of the plastic covering around the electrical cords? To stop electrons from flowing through a circuit so it doesn't give an electric shock.
Why are metals better conductors of electricy then non-metals? They contain free electrons which makes it easier for the electrons to pass through it.
What is a series circuit? A circuit that has one path and is in a continuous loop. the electrons wont pass through the rest of the path.
What is current? A measure of the number of electrons passing through a circuit.
What is a voltmeter? A device used to measure the amount of energy used by a component in a circuit. Voltmeters are placed in parallel with the components they are measuring.
To which terminal of a battery should the positive terminal be connected? The negative terminal.
What is voltage? A measure of the amount of energy used in a circuit
What is a parallel circuit? A circuit that has more then one path for elecrticity to flow through it. If one path has a break/gap the electrons still pass through the other paths.
Why are the appliances in houses and other buildings connected in parallel? When one light is broken or one switch is open, the electrons still travel to the other globes and produce light. No matter how many branches are added to a parrallel circuit the brightness of each identical globe is the same.
Describe a disadvantage of parallel circuits. If all the globes aren't identical, they don't glow the same amount.
What do numbers printed on a globe refer to? Eg. 80W (80 Watts) It tells us how quickly the globe uses energy.
Why does a 70W globe glow more brightly than a 60W globe even though each electron passing through them received the same amount of energy? It uses the electrons quicker.
Describe how the brightness of a globe is affected by the voltage. The more volts, the brighter it glows.
Describe how the brightness of a globe is affected by current. The more current, the brighter the globe.
What is the difference between a cell and a battery? A battery is made up of two cells.
What are the 3 main parts of a battery? The positive terminal, negatuve terminal and chemical paste
Why is the carbon separated from chemical paste in a battery? If they were not separated, the electrons would go straight to the carbon and not through the external circuit.
Why doesn't a car battery last forever, if it is constantly being recharged? The products of the chemical reactions inside the battery build up, stopping it from recharging properly.
What is correct -9V battery or -9V cell ? 9V battery because cells are inside battery.
Does gaining electrons make an object negatively charged or positively charged? Negatively chared.
Do like charges attract or repel eachother? Attract.
Do opposite charges attract or repel eachother? Repel.
Does losing electrons make an object negatively charged or positively charged? Positively charged.
Is copper a conductor or insulator? Conductor.
Is plastic a conductor or insulator? Insulator.
Is steel a conductor or insulator? Conductor.
Is air a conductor or insulator? Insulator.
Is wood a conductor or insulator? Insulator.
Is salt water a conductor or insulator? Conductor.
What is the terminal of the battery that electrons return to? Positive terminal.
What is a safety device that opens a circuit when too much current passes through it? Circuit breaker.
What is the sensation felt when skin comes into contact with electricity? An electric shock.
A circuit does not work if the switch is..... open.
Type of energy resource from the sun, wind or water.... renewable.
Type of energy resource that can only be used once... Non-renewable e.g. gas, oil and coal.
Type of switch that opens a curcuit if it detects current leakage... safety switch.
Created by: beckarr99