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Legal Definitions

Legal definitions for qld law

a court's authority to decide the different matters which come before it jurisdiction
a person under 17 years of age juvenile
only people directly involved in the case can be present closed court
law made in parliament statute law
unwritten laws that are developed by judges in the court system common law
a previous legal decision that serves as a rule or pattern in future similar cases precedent
an unlawful action for which a penalty will be imposed upon the person who has committed it crime
what is just or fair treatment; something a person is entitled to right
the obligation to be morally accountable for actions responsibility
area of law dealing with crimes such as theft, assult and murder- it protects individuals from others doing the wrong thing and it outlines the way people should act criminal law
if a participant in a trial is not happy with the outcome, he or she may appeal to a higher court appeal
non legal rules that have consequences if not followed rules
legal rules which regulate people's behaviour and there are legal consequences if not followed laws
this is a role of the law to make sure that people are shielded from the actions of others to protect
this is a role of the law which provides the basis of happiness by allowing people to do things that bring benefit to our lives to provide freedom
this is a role of the law which stops people from taking the law into their own hands to resolve disputes
this is a symbol of justice which represents weighing up both sides of the argument equally scales
this is a symbol of justice which symbolises the punishment to be imposed on a guilty party sword
this is a symbol of justice which demonstrates that justice is impartial and not influenced by anything blindfold
this court is located in Canberra and deals with appeals from state or territory courts high court
this court deals wiht the most serious civil cases involving large sums of money supreme court
this is also known as the county court and it deals with civil cases for claims of up to $200,000 or serious criminal matters district court
there is no jury in this court and the court deals with minor civil disputes magistrates court
an offence which is more serious than a summary offence and is usually presided over by a jury and judge indictable offence
this allows the police legal permission to conduct a search of a person's belongings warrant
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