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Grade 7 Health Test

Digestive System

What type of digestion are the teeth responsible for? Mechanical or physical digestion
What is the name of the flap of tissue that prevents food from entering the trachea? epiglottis
What is the wavelike contracting and relaxing of muscles called? peristalsis
What is the name of the acid in the stomach? hydrochloric acid
Where are villi found? small intestine
Where are nutrients absorbed? small intestine
What keeps food in the stomach until it is ready to leave? the sphincters (rings of muscles)
where is bile made? liver
Name one enzyme. maltose, amylase, Protease or Lipase, Renin, Pepsin
Where is bile stored? gall bladder
what are carbohydrates (starches) broken down into by digestion? sugar (simple molecules)
What are proteins broken down into? amino acids
What are fats broken down into? fatty acids
Where does chemical digestion begin? The mouth
What is a bolus? A ball of food
Where does chemical digestion end? small intestine
What is the function of the saliva? It moistens food
What is chyme? A creamy white liquid that passes from stomach to small intestine.
What is the function of bile? It emulsifies fat & neutralizes the acid from the stomach.
What are enzymes? Organic chemicals that speed up rates of reaction.
Where is food mixed with gastric juice? salivary glands
Where is bile produced? liver
Area that is lined with many finger like villi small intestine
where does absorption of food take place? small intestine
Created by: Lindamina