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Com. Pref. & Roots

a without
ambi both
ante against
bell war
bi two
co/com/con with, together
de away from or opposite from
dis apart or not
hetero different
hyper over
in/il/im/ir between or among
luc/lum light
mis wrong or bad
amb to go or walk
anim llife, spirit
anthr mankind, man
apt skill, ability
bene good
chron time
cred believe
dem people
equi/equ equal
homo same
hypo under
in/en/im/en into
intra within, inside
mal bad
morph shape
nat/nas/nai to be born
nom/nym name
pan all or everywhere
path feeling
phobe fear of
post after
re again or back
srib/script write
re again or back
sub under or less than
sym/syn together or at the same time
trans across
uni one
vers/vert to turn
voc to call
neo/nov new
omni all
par equal
phil love of
phon sound
pre before
sci knowelge
seqy/secu to follow
terr earth
un/nom not
ven/vent to come
vid/vis to see
vor to eat
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