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Nursing Pains

Pain Management

What is the definition of pain? An unpleasant subjective sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage, or described in terms of such damage
Providing Pain relief is A basic human right
What responsibility does the nurse have in pain management? Nurses are legally and ethically responsible for managing pain and relieving suffering.
What is pain? Pain is whatever the experiencing person says it is, existing whenever he says it does
What is Acute pain? -short duration- identified cause- limited damage- limited emotional response-resolves after healing.
What is Chronic pain? -last longer than 6 months- constant and recurring- mild to severe intensity- may not have an identifiable cause- personal suffering
What are some complications with Chronic pain? -frustration due to no cause- disability- over use of narcotics- doctor shopping- pseudoaddiction
What is Chronic episodic pain? occurs intermittently of time- EX: migraines, sickle cell
What is Cancer pain? Not all cancer pt experience pain. Some cancer pain is acute, some chronic, usually related to tumor growth
What types of Cancer pain? Nocioceptive -Somatic= musculoskeletal pain -visceral= internal organ pain
What is somatic pain? aching, throbbing, well localized pain
What is visceral pain? Aching, fair localization with organ capsules; cramping and poorly localized pain with obstruction of organs Nocioceptive pain responds well to opioids and/or nonopioids
What is neuropathic pain? results from altered sensation by peripheral or central nervous system -effectively managed by analgesics Examples include phantom pain, neuropathy, nerve compression
What is referred pain? pain felt distant to the actual site of pain May have multiple characteristics Example: Myocardial infarction which may result in pain down one or both arms, neck or back
What is idiopathic pain? Chronic pain without identifiable physical or psychological cause or pain that is perceived as excessive for the extent of an organic pathological condition Example: complex regional pain syndrome
What is a pain threshold? The point where the individual feels pain
What is pain tolerance? is the point at which an individual is not willing to accept pain of any greater severity or duration.
What are the types of pain stimulus? Thermal, chemical, mechanical.
The energy produced my a stimuli is converted to energy by tranduction
An impluse reaches a sensory peripheral nerve fiber called a nociceptor
Transmission of a stimulus is complete when the pain impulse is sent to the pain receptors and then.... initiate a responce
What is the process of normal, nocioceptive pain? Transduction-transmission-perception- modulation
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