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9E flashcards

what is the general word equation for neutralisation reactions involving oxides and hydroxides? acid+base --> salt+water
what are the 3 main types of salts? sulphates, chlorides and nitrates
how can copper sulphate be made from copper oxide? copper oxide is reacted with sulphuric acid to form copper sulphate and water.
which elements does cast iron contain? carbon and iron
why is stainless steel used for cladding walls? stainless steel has chromium and nickel added. the chromium prevents the metal from rusting. stainless steel is also very strong.
what is an alloy? it is a mixture of two or more metals or a metal and another substance.
what does brass consist of and what is it used for? brass is made of copper and zinc. it is used in heavywear decoration such as in doorknockers.
how can a sedimentary rock be changed into a metamorphic rock? when it is subjected to immense heat and pressure.
how are igneous rocks formed and give some examples. igneouis rocks are formed when magma cools deep underground or when lava cools above the ground. a volcano is essential. granite, obsidian and basalt are igneous rocks.
give an example of a neutralisation reaction that occurs when marble is chemically weathered. calcium carbonate+sulphuric acid ---> calcium sulphate+water+carbondioxide
what is a sustainable process? one that can continue for ever
how can we make a building process more sustainable. we can reuse materials used in buildings, we can recycle metals by melting them and making them into other objects, we can use renewable materials and we can replace materials with waste materials.
Created by: Adya Rao