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Science 9E


Why are alloys harder? Their layers are harder to slide around, unlike metal elements.
What is the equation for neutralisation? acid+base->salt+water
Name the three types of salt. Nitrate, Sulphide, Chlorine
Give an example of a sedimentary rock limestone, sandstone
How is igneous rock formed? The magma enters the surface and cools down.
How is sedimentary rock formed? weathering, erosion and deposition to the ocean layers. compacted and cemented.
what is sustainability? a process that can go on forever.
What are bases? Compounds that dissolve in water into alkali.
hydrochloric acid+ potassium hydroxide-> potassium chloride+ water
How can you check neutralisation? With pH paper or universal indicator.
metal carbonate+ acid-> salt+carbon dioxide+ water
what is brass? an alloy, its a mixture of copper and zinc, stronger, used in decoration that need heavy forces
how can you form copper sulphate? extract copper from copper ores. react it with oxygen. copper oxide is formed. mix it with sulphuric acid. filter it.
how can you tell if a salt is chloride? it uses hydrochloric acid.
stone is strong under... compression (squashing forces)
stone isn't strong under... tension (pulling forces)
what does porous mean? it has holes that allow water to go into it.
list the properties of metamorphic rocks. not porous. therefore, hard to cut. not resistant to chemical weathering when there is calcium carbonate.
list the properties of igneous rocks. hard to cut, not porous, no calcium carbonate.
what is solder? an alloy made of lead and tin. soft, malleable, low melting point, used to join metal pipes.
Created by: Candy Chan