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Legal Reserch

Final Test

Most Jurisdictions have two types of Reporting sources Official and Unofficial
in California what is the name of the two OFFICIAL reporters California App Reports and Califorina Reporters
what is the larges unofficial reporter in both state and fenderal opinions WEST LAW
what does the publishing company use to find similar cases or points of law KEYS
why would you consult a legal Digest to find the law by subject or by key
what is a slip opinion judicial opinion in chronological- it published separetly soon after it is decided
what is the name used to find good law keycite or shepards
where are you going to find a cit at the the top of the page
what is GPO Government Printing Office
How do you cute for supreme court 71 S. Ct 199 (2012)
what are the 3 official reports of the supreme court 1. United States Reports 2. West Supreme Court Reporters 3. United States Court Reports,Lawyers Edition
what is Stare Decisis stand by the law- what has been decided
what is a legal enyclopedia secondary source- state general principle of the law
what is the law review journal Scholorly Periodicals edited by students at law school
what are the types of primary sources 1.Court Opinions/ Case Law 2.Constitutions 3.Legislations 4.Rules of the court 5.Adminstrativerules
what are the types of secondary sources encyclopedias, treaties, law reviews, journals
what is a slip Law publications of the legislative enactment- published in pamphlet or single sheet form after its passed
what are the two popular computer assisted legal research electronic resources used to search for cases West law and lexis nexus
how to cite california cases underline!!! wong v sun, 71 Cal. App 4th 270, 7 Cal. Rptr. 71 (2010)
how to cite federal cases (3 types) 1. 71 U.S 71 (2010), 2.71 S. CT. 71 (2010), 3. 71 L. ED 3 (2010)
how to cite evidence code Cal. Evid. code SS 71
how to cite penal code Cal. Pen. Code SS 71
how to cite Vehicle code Cal. Veh. code SS 771
how to cite California Regional Reporter used before the 1960's 31 P. 3d 71 (2010)
how to cite paragraphs in a research paper at the end of sentence Wong v. sun 71Cal. App 4th 771(2010), 71 Cal. Rptr.71 (2010)
how to cite same case in same paragraph 60-61
cite same case in another paragraph wong v.sun at 61.
What is the majority opinion main opinion of the court
what is a legislative proposal bill
what is the legal consequences of the facts as determined by the ocurt DECREE
what is the decision of the court(affirmed reversed, modified JUDGEMENT
what is the reference to the same case in different reports Parallel Citaiton
What are extensive book Length expositions of a legal subject Treaties
what is an opinion by one or more judges who disagree with the decision Dissenting
What is the holding or principle of law on which the case was decided Ratio decidendi
what is the language in an opinion that is not necessary to the decision Dictum
What is the process of identifying and retrieving the law related information necessary Legal Research
What is an opinion written by one judge in which the entire majority wrote and agreed together Per Curiam Opinion
what is the calfiforna unofficial reporter California Reporters
what is an advanced sheet pamphlets containing recent reported opinions
what is precedent decisions of courts taht would serve as authorities for decisions later with similar cases of law.
what is a statute referred to as legislation- positive statement of legal rules enacted by a legislature
what is a constitution the fundamental body of principles
explain what a primary source is primary sources are authoritative statements of legal rules by government bodies
explain what are secondary sources are secondary sources are materials about the law that are used to explain the primary sources.
what are court reports are compilations of judicial opinions
when did west begin publishing the California reporter 1960
what is a digest an index to reported cases, providing breif, unconnected statments of court holdings on points of law, which are arranged by subject and divided by jurisdiction and courts
what is the U.S.C.A united states code annotated (West) consists of unnumber volumes, supplemntedby pamphelet or pocket parts.
what is the constituiton of the United states of american located Library of Congress.
do each state have their own constitutions? yes
what does congress mean the senate and house of reps meet in two year intervals.
how is a bill passed. 1. sent to the house it is introduced 2. sent to the other house for consideration 3. if approved, then sent to PRESIDENT to sign. 4. IF signed,Bill becomes Law
what happens if Pres does not sign in 10 days it becomes law.
what is private law affects the nation as a whole or idividuals as a class
what are private laws deals with matters relating to claims against the govern
what is CODIFICATION the process of collecting and arranging systematically, the laws of a state or country
what is a law the law means by which a legislative body expresses its intent to declare, command or prohibit some action.
what are looseleafs looseleaf services provide timely and uptodate access to information in specific areas of law
what are citators books or services that provide the judicial history. citators indicate where a specific source is cited by another source
what is the most widely used citators shepards and keycite
what are legal encycolpedias written in narrative form, arranged aloabetically . they state generl propositionsof law with introductory explanations.
what are some examples of legal encyclopedias Corpis Juris Secundum, and American jurisprudence
what is the selectiv reporter of appellate court opines A.L.R
what are legal newspapers they are published each business day and contain ifo of ocurt changes rules and laws.
what is our legal newspaper/journal the los angeles daily journal
which treat a subject in greater depth than a legal encyclopedia Treatises
which are less speculative than journal articles treatises.
what are restatements of law restatements of the existing common law in certain area publishedby the ALI sinc 1923.
who publishes restatements American Law Institute
are restatments primary or secondary soucres Secondary sources
are restatements bind as law? no
what section give power to congress to make law Section 8
is U.S. C official or unofficial OFFICIAL
is U.S.C.A official or Unofficial UNOFFICIAL
what is the federal register OFFICIAL CITE_ publishing the regulations to notify the publice=> then its considered legal notive .ignorance of the law isnot a defence.
what is similar to the UScode CFR- they update quarterly.
what is the largest administrative law DMV
tell me how to cite _______ Volume, Type of Reporter, Series, page
can you cite treatises no.
what are annotations brief summaries of the law
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