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Fundamentals final r

Final exam review

What is importnat to a nurse with a holistic style of nursing? Mind-body-spirit
What is complicated or dysfunctional grief? Grief which occurs when an individual has a complicated grieving process that interferes with common routines of life for excessively long periods of time.
What is normal grief? Normal grief is the most common reaction to death; it involves a complex range of normal coping strategies.
What is disenfranchised grief? It involves a relationship that is not socially sanctioned.
Describe the synovial joint. It is a freely movable joint in which contiguous bony surfaces are covered by articular cartilage and are connnected by ligaments with a synovial membrane.
What are primary level interventions? Primary level consists of stress prevention, promotion of wellness, and risk factor reduction before illness occurs.
What are secondary level interventions? Occur after symptoms appear and assists the person to develop resources to manage illness and stress.
What are tertiary level interventions? Tertiary level interventions have the purpose of assisitng the patient in readapting to life with an illness. It focuses on the person who already has the disease and is recovering or rehabiliitating.
What is the critical pathway design? All health care providers use a protocol system to document the care they provide.
What is ethnohistory? Knowledge of a patient's country of origin and its history and ecological contexts.
What is biocultural history? It identifies a patient's health risks related to the ecological context of the culture.
True or false: Breast miilk or formula provides sufficient nutrition for the first 4 to 6 months of life. True
True or false: Infants should not have regular cow's milk during the first year of life. True. Cow's milk causes gastrointestinal bleeding,is too concentrated for the infant's kidneys to manage, increases the risk of milk product allergies and is a poor source of iron and vitamins C and E.
What is the Bowlby Attachment Theory? Yearning and searching characterizes the second bereavement phase. Emotional outbursts are common in this phase. During the numbing phase, the family may feel a sense of unreality.
What is muscle tone? The normal state of balanced muscle.
What is posture? The position of the body in relation to the surrounding space.
What are isometric contractions? Isometric contraction causes an increase in muscle tension but no active movement.
What is body alignment? Body alignment refers to the relationship of one body part to another body part along a horizontal or vertical line
What is caring? Caring determines what matters to a person.
Asian cultures promote what type of communication? Face saving communication which promotes harmony through indirect, ambiguous communications and conflict avoidance.
What is necessary for caregivers to know about the Islamic culture? Islamic culture calls for modesty and same sex caregivers when ever possible.
What are triglycerides? Triglycerides circulate in the blood and are made up of three fatty acids attached to a glycerol.
What is spirituality? Spirituality is a complex concept that is unique to each individual.
What is religion? Religion refers to the system of organized beliefs and worship that a person practices to outwardly express spirituality.
What did the developmental theorist Gilligan propose? Women struggle with issues of care and responsibility, and in turn, their relationships progress toward a maturity of interdependence.
What should the nurse notice in a school aged child at play? School aged children should begin to develop friendships and to socialize with others.
What is the major health concern in the care of a newborn? Prevention of infection
What is a situational loss? The loss of a body part from injury.
What is a maturational loss? Maturational losses occur as part of normal life transitions.
What is perceived loss? Perceived loss is not obvious to other people.
What is BMR? The basal metabolic rate is the energy needed to maintain life-sustaining activities for a specific period of time at rest.
How often should you change the TPN infusion tubing in the hospital? Every 24 hours.
How long can you hang a single container of PN? No longer than 24 hours
How long can you hang lipids? No longer than 12 hours
What should the nurse wear during a CVC dressing change? Always use a sterile mask and gloves.
What is the normal heart rate for an infant? 120 to 160 beats/min.
What is the normal heart rate for a toddler? 90 to 140 beats/min
What is the normal heart rate for an adult? 60 to 100 beats/min
What is the definition of hypothermia? Core body temperature of 95 F or below.
What elements are included in a change of shift report? Identification of significant changes in measurable terms (e.g.,pain scale) and by observation. Report elements do not include normal findings or routine information retrievable from other sources.
Who developed the Choose My Plate program? The U.S. Department of Agriculture
What is the vertical dimension in the concept of spiritual well being? The virtual dimension supports the transcendent relationship between a person and God or some other higher power.
What is the horizontal dimenension in the concept of spiritual well being? The horizontal dimension describes positive relationships and connections people have with others.
What is faith? Faith provides confidence in something for which there is no proof.
When is the initiative versus guilt developmental stage? Between the ages of 3 and 6 years.
What is a unique feature of the electronic health record (EHR)? Its ability to integrate all pertinent patient information into one record, regardless of the number of times a patient enters a health care system.
What is the electronic medical record (EMR)? The EMR contains patient data gathered in a health care setting at a specific time and place and is a part of the EHR.
What is the single most foot problem for a patient with diabetes? Foot ulceration leading to lower extremity amputations among persons with diabetes.
The nurse can best assess the patient's self-concept by evaluating what? The patient's non verbal behavior.
Created by: judypilcher
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