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latin vocab section6

vocab for section 6, latin 1 2012-2013

pugna fight
maxima very large
erat he was
pistores bakers
panem bread
contentionem argument
cum agricola with a farmer
postulabat was demanding
pulsavit hit, punched
quod because
incitabant were urging on
postquam after
festinavit hurried
superavit overpowered
agitavit chased
laete happily
libertus freedman
liberta freedwoman
invitavit invited
valde very much, very
commotus moved, affected
paene almost
lacrimabat was crying
tum then
excitavit woke up, aroused
totam rem the whole story
narravit told
paravit prepared
fur thief
post after
rogavit asked
nunc now
olim once
solus alone
aberat was out
sororem sister
administrabat was looking after
nisi except
infans child, baby
parvus little, small
in cubiculo in a bedroom
tacite quietly
ubi where
nihil nothing
portabat was carrying
vagivit cried, wailed
statim at once
necavit killed
ita in this way
servavit saved
liberavit freed, set free
igitur therefore
avarus miser
duo two
habitabat was living
inquit said
pugnavit fought
facile easily
fidelis faithful
custodit is guarding
ingens huge
serpens snake
iacebat was lying
timebant were afraid of, were fearing
celeriter quickly
numquam never
servas look after
familia family
vernae slaves born into the household
alumni slaves acquired as babies or small children
manumissio the act of freeing a slave
manus hand
mitto send
libertus freedman
liberta freedwoman
cliens client
patronus patron
Created by: 2017jis