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Life Science 11/19LM

the currently accepted model? fluid mosiac
diffusion of water through a membrane? osmosis
what is not found in all cells? cell wall
cell membrane has how many layers? 2
tiny organ like functions in the cell? organelles
what person is famous for grinding his own lenses and discovering beestes? Anton Von Leevanhuk
thin covering the covers the outer boundary of the cell? cell membrane
what appears green in plants? chloroplast
a cell is to tissue as tissue is to? organ
a lettuce leaf has a high turgor pressure of ? crisp
cellular respiration in the carbon bonds releases? energy
which process gives off carbon dioxide? aerobic cellular respiration
during aerobic cellular respiration what is not released? sugar
process that releases most energy in cellular respiration aerobic
what is not necessary for photosynthesis? oxygen
formula for photosynthesis? sunlight+ carbon dioxide+ water= glucose + oxygen
what causes soreness in muscles? lactic acid
what is the process that gives off carbon dioxide? aerobic cellular respiration
which process does most producers convert sunlight into chemical energy? chlorophyll
photosynthesis light is absorbed by a pigment? chlorophyll
air & ? is a catalyst that speeds up chemical reacations? enzymes
an agent of cellular respiration mentioned in the Bible? Leaven
a heart is an example of an? organ
a cell that is a true cell contains all cell parts? eukaryotic
control center of the cell? nucleus
power house of the cell? mitochondria
transportation highways? ER (endoplasmic reticulum)
what is the packaging plant of the cell? golgi bodies
storage container plant cell? vacuole
organelle photosynthesis takes place? chloroplasts
structure found in nucleus DNA proteins genetic material incoded in them? chromosomes
organelle where protein synthesis takes place? ribosomes
difference between rough and smooth ER? rough have ribosome smooth have no ribosomes
active transport ? active transport takes energy
passive transport requires no energy
pressure water exerts against the cell membrane? turgor pressure
sugar most often produced photosynthesis? glucose
why is the membrane selectivley permeable? some things can come in and some can come out
describe what meant by division of labor? different things in the body have different jobs and are dependent on other parts of the body.
2 types of anerobic cellular respiration? alcholic and lactic acid fermentation
explain the difference between anaerobic and aerobic cellular respirantion? anaerobic- doesn't require oxygen aerobic- requires oxygen
levels of organisation form cell>organism cell, tissue, organ, organ, system, organism
equation for cellular respiration? glucose+ oxygen= energy+ water+ carbon dioxide
difference between lactic acid and acholic fermentation? lactic acid produces lactic acid and alcholic fermentation produces alchol
simularity of alcholic and lactic acid fermentation? they don't need oxygen
difference in plant cell and animal cell? plant cell has chlorophyll and animal cell has chloroplast
how does the division of labor relate to the body of christ? in the church everybody has different jobs but it takes all to make the body of Christ
most efficient cellular respiration aerobic respiration
what is the molecule of choice for cellular respiration? glucose
what primarily takes place in the mitochondria of a cell cellular respiration