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Government Benchmark

American Government Benchmark Assessment Review

Aristotle Ancient Greek Scholar
Unitary System of Government key powers to national govt
Confederacy Loose union of independent states
Representative Democracy Form of Democracy in this country
Bicameral legislature territofy of nation and state coincide, the country is
Federalism system divides power between state and national govt
Constitution Plan that provides rules for govt
Developing Nations Nations in early stages of industry and technology
Oligarchy System of govt where small group holds power
political parties Republicans and Democrats developed in this country as major
capitalism economic system where freedom of choice is emphasized
popular sovereignty concept our constitution is based
House of Representatives Article I of Constitution created the voice of the people in this
Judicial Activism Under Chief Justice Earl Warren, Supreme Court demonstrated
Executive Agreement Action between Pres and head of foreign govt that does not require congressional approval
Slander False speech intended to hurt another
Vote Poll taxes hurt low income African Americans because taxes were paid to
2/3 vote each House Action required to override pres veto
Amendments Framers provided this section of Constitution so it will grow as nation changes
Divorce Federal courts do not have jurisdiction over these cases
National Convention Proposed amendment can be ratified by 2/3 vote each house OR
7 years Ratification of amendment must come within this time limit
Delegated Powers Constitution grants powers to national govt
Public Acts Civil laws passed by state legis are called
Judicial Proceedings Outcomes of court actions such as judgments to pay debt
Mandate Federal order requiring sates to provide a service
16th amendment Gives federal govt right to tax your income
Bureaucracy Organization of govt administrators carries out legislation
extradition affects criminals who fee a state to avoid punishment
citizenship Article IV of constitution obligates states to give this to anothers citizens
Interstate Compact Agreement between states
Nationalist Position FDR and others who favor federal action believe in
Federal Grants National govt provides money to states through this
Local or State level Road to national office begins here
Bicameral legislature US Congress, made up of two houses is a
Whips Congress Majority and minority leaders are assisted by
Unanimous consent Senate bills are brought to floor by
Congressional Staffers Some lawmakers believe this group has too much power
Congressional Budget Office Budget making work of congress is coordinated by the
Redistricting Process of setting up new congressional districts after reapportionment
Speaker of House Presiding officer of House of Rep
Vice President President of Senate
Cloture Filibuster can be stopped with 3/5 of Senate votes for
Majority Party Has power to write rules in Congress is controlled by
Library of Congress Great center of information contains over 100 mill items
Compensation Presidents salary
Speaker of House After V.P, next in succession for presidency
10 President cant exceed this # of years in office
Electoral College System called Winner-take-all system
Electoral College 1st President of US elected by
Cabinet Group chosen by president for experience in selected areas
State of the Union Address given by president to Congress
Vice President Person presides over Senate
Petition Appeal to Congress
King, Queen, Emporer rules Monarchy
House Accusation of Federal Official Impeachment
U.S.A government Representative Democracy
National law overrides State Law Supremacy Clause
Presidential check of Congress Veto
States Agreement to return criminals Extradition
President does not need Congress approval Executive Agreement
Packing & Cracking Gerrymander
House "traffic officer" Rules Committee
Study Groups Joint Committees
November even # years Elections
House of Rep powerful group Ways and Means Committee
State and Federal Courts Concurrent
Prestigious Senate Committee Foreign Relations Committee
Trial Jury Petit Jury
Hands down indictment Grand jury
Authority to hear cases Jurisdiction
Assist justices Law Clerks
Judicial Review Marbury v. Madison
People In a democracy, supreme authority begongs to the
27 Amendments to constitution
Passing Laws Congress can informally change constitution by
1/6 # of senators up for reelection every 2 years
ALL # representatives up for reelection every 2 years
1st Amendment Protects freedom of speech
Expressed powers Protects liberty and specifies its powers framers gave Congress
at least 25 years old Age to run for House of Rep
Respect minority rights Must follow Majority rule in American concept of democracy
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