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Hypertension med

Loop Diueretic Medication name Furosemide, Lasix
Ace Inhibitor Medication name Catopril ("pril"), Capoten
Vasodilator Medication name Hydralazine, Apresoline
Thiazide, Thiazide-like, loop diuertic Medication name HTZ Hydrodiuril
Angiotensin II Receptor Blocker (ARB) Medication name Losartan, Cozaar
When are ARBs used? When ACE is not effective
Beta Blocker Medication name Atenolol ("lol"), tenormin
Potassium Sparing Diurectic Medication name Spriolactone, Aldactone
Calcium Channel Blocker (CCB) Medication name Amlodipine, Norvasc
If left untreated HTN has serious risks for.. (5) CAD, CVA, CHF, Renal Failure, PVD
Action of Beta blockers block receptors
2 types of Beta blockers Nonselective- smooth muscle of bronchioles and blood vessels, Cardioselective- heart
Decreases occur depending on the type of beta-blocker such as: (4) Peripheral vascular resistance, BP&HR, slows conduction, Myocardial O2 consumption
Indications for Beta Blockers: (7) HTN, angina, MI, Dysrhythmias, CHF, migraines, glaucoma
Contraindications for Beta Blockes: (5) allergy, shock, heart attack, bradycardia, asthma (slows things down, do not want to slow them even more)
What do you want to check before giving a loop diuretic? Potassium levels
What is the action of loop diuretics? Diuresis; block Cl and Na reabsorption in the Loop of Henle
Loop Diurectics reduce: (2) BP, Pulmonary and vascular resistance (reduce preload and edema)
Adverse effects of Loop diuretics (2) Hypokalemia and dehydration
Action of Potassium- sparing diuretics Weaker diuretic compared to loop and thiazides, work in collecting ducts & distal tubules, block reabsorption of Na & water, retain K
Contraindications of potassium-sparing diuretics allergy, hyerpkalemia and renal failure/anura
Action of thiazide diuretics work in distal tubules, inhibit the reabsorption of Na, K and Cl, Relax arterioles (decreased peripheral vasc resistance)
Adverse effects of thiazide diuretics Hypokalemia, elevated blood sugar, lipids, Ca & uric acid levels, HA, impotence, decreased libido
Interactions of thiazide diuretics altered effecs with corticosteroids, lithium, digoxin, NSAIDS, some oral DM meds
Action of Vasodialators Direct arterial/venous smooth muscle relaxation/vasodilation
Contraindications of Vasodialators allergy, hypotension, Central edema or head injury, acute MI
Action of ACE ("pril") CV and renal effects, decreased preload (diuresis), afterload (decreased resistance) so lessesns cardiac workload
Adverse effects of ACE fatigue, dzziness, HA, mood change & COUGH
ACE interactions NSAIDS(kidney failure), Lithium (toxicity), Oth HTN meds (hypotension), K supplements or K sparing diuretics (hyperkalemia)
Created by: aeponton