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trans week 5

key terms

conceptual framework a group of related ideas, statements or concepts
concept abstract ideas or mental images of phenomena or reality
paradigm a pattern of shared ujnderstandings or assumptions about reality
practice discipline fields of study in which central focus is performance of a professional role
evidence-based practice the use of substination or evidence in makeing clinical decisions
client/person recipient of nursing care
health degree of wellness or well-being the client experiences
nursing attributes, characteristics, and actions of the nurse providing care on behalf of the client
interpersonal skills all verbal and non-verbal activities used in communication
cultural care diversity health and health care are influenced by elements of social structure; human caring varies among cultures in its expression processes and patterns
universality theory Leininger care is the essence of nujrsing and the dominant, distinctive and unifying feature of nursing
human caring theory the practice of caring is cental to nursing and is the unifying focus for practice
goal attainment theory Imogene King dynamic interaction systems
systems model Neuman model based on individual's relationship to stress, reaction to it, and reconstitution factors leading to adaptation
critical pathways multidisciplinary guidelines for client care designed to achieve predetermined outcomes
standards of care the skills and learning commonly possessed aby members of a profession
quality assurance program ongoing systematic process to promate excellence on health care provided to clients
quality improvement evaluation and inprovement of the quality of health care vased on internal assessment by health care professionals and increasing public awareness
outcome evaluation focus on demonstratable changed in client health status as a result of nursing care.
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