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History(World War One)

Who were the main players in WWI? Germany, Austria-Hungry, Britain, France and Russia
Years of WWI? 1914 to 1918
What lit the spark to WWI? The shooting of archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife, in Bosnia
How many people died in WWI? 14 million
Who were the Allies? Britain, France, USA ,Russia and Italy
Who were the Central Powers? Germany, Austria-Hungry Bulgaria and Turkey
When was the ceasefire? 11 am, the 11th of November
Who were the peace makers/big three? (Us) Wooodrow Wislon,(UK) David Llyod George, (F)George Cleamenceau
What were the peace makers duty? Preventing another war
When was the Treaty of Versailles signed? 28th June 1919
Mention three problems with the Treaty of Versailles Germany could not attend talks. Russia could not join even though they faught on the Allies side until 1917. Germany resented the war guilt clause.
What was the League of Nations? Part of the Treaty of Versailles. An international bod set up in 1920.
Why was the league of nations set up? To prevent future wars
Why did the league of nations fail? America did not join even though it was Woodrow Wilsons idea. Germany was not allowed to join the league until 1926. Russia was not allowed to join the league until 1934.
Created by: Chimozukee