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What is Ecology? The study of relationships between plants, animals and their environment
What are ecosystems? All the plants and animals in an area interacting with each other and their environment. E.g Grassland
What is a habitat? An are where a plant or animal lives. E.g Field
What are producers? Plants that make their own food
What are consumers? Animals that get their food by eating plants or animals
What are herbivores? Animals that eat plants only
Give and example of a heribivore Slug
What are carnivores? Animals that only eat other animals
Give an example of a carnivore Fox
What are omnivores? Animals that eat both plants and amimals
Give an example of an omnivore Humans
What are decomposes? Organisms that feed on dead plants and animals
What is competition? When two or more organisms require something that is in short supply
What is a food web? Two or more interconnected food chains
What is interdependence? When living things depend on each other for survival
What is conservation? The protection and wise management of natural resources to prevent living things becoming extinct
What is pollution? The addition of unwanted materials to the enviroment
Give an example of air pollution Burning fossil fuels(oils,gas)
Give an example of water pollution Oil spills, badly treated sewage waste
Give an example of a food chain Grass--->rabbit---->fox
What is a pooter used for? Sucking organisms into a jar
What is a quadrat? A square frame that is thrown at random to estimate the number of organisims in habitat
What is a line transect? A sting rope or tape that is marked off at regular intervals to estimate the number of plants present in a habitat
What are the three R's? Reduce,reuse and recyle
Created by: Chimozukee