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Objectives Nov 14

Science Objective for November 14

Describe how gravity can act as an agent of erosion to move rock sediment. GIVE EXAMPLES Landslides, Rockfall, Mudflows, Slump, Creep, Mass Material
Landslides the downward movement of rock, soil, mud, or various combinatons of materials
Rock fall occurs when sediment of any size drops from a cliff.
Mudflows a water saturated mixture of rock debris and soil moving down a slope
Slump the down slope movement of a intact mass of rock and soil
Creep the slow movement of soil and rock down a slope
Mass Material earth material transported down a slope by gravity
Describe how weathering and erosion work together to cause formations in mountains deserts shorelines and rivers
How are Mountains formed Receding glaciers can scrape carve and shape the land leaving behind pyramidal mountain peaks U-shaped valleys moraines and drumlins. Ice wedging water wind and gravity can further weather rocks forming steep mountain faces and causing mass movement.
How are desert formations like fins, hoodoos,mesas, and buttes formed? Weathering and erosion caused by sand, wind and water can sculpt and polish desert formations like ----
How are Sea cliffs and Islands weathered? With wind and waves
How are beaches formed? Seacliffs and islands are weathered away resulting in some of the sand that accumulates on ----
How are peninsulas, isthmuses and coves formed? by accumulation of sand
How are deltas, and Sandbars formed? Rivers deposit sediment and it builds up to create a ------
Created by: c.culicchia