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Nov 16 Objective

Science Objective for November 16

Subsidence The process of sinking to a lower level. As water and gases are squeezed out soft sediment compacts. As sediment compacts subsidence occurs.
How does subsidence relate to sea-Level rise? as globel temperatures rise and land based ice melts, oceans expand, As Ocean volume expands sea level rises globally.they combine to help get to submergence.
How has the addition of levees to the Mississippi River's banks contributed to subsidence of the delta? Levees prevented natural sediment delivery to wetlands in the delta.
How does flooding affect wetland plants? They developed Arenchyma.
Arenchyma Special air-space tissure inside roots called aerenchyma which creates an internal aeration path way that allows oxyggen in the atmoshere to reach the roots.
How do hurricanes affect wetlands in a positive manner? Delivers sediment to costal marshes raising soil elevations.
How do some plants survive in conditions with salt water? Mangroves- salt glands in their leaves which excrete salts onto the leaf surface where they crystallize.
Explain why the Louisiana coast is important to the nation? Supports the largest commercial fishery in the lower 48 states they protect human populations lots of oi 5 of the nations largest ports.
How much delta land area has been lost since 1932? 1,883 square miles
Created by: c.culicchia