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Pediatrics Chapter 20 - CCC

The adolescent has an appearance of secondary what? sex characteristics
What ends with cessation of growth and emotional maturity? adolescent
what is the first sign of adolescence in boys? testicles
what is divided into early, middle and late because of the changes that occu between 13 and 18 years of age? adolescent
a major task of an adolescent is to establish a what? identity
a major task of an adolescent is to seperate from who? family
a major task of an adolescent is to initiate what? intimacy
a major task of an adolescent is to develop career choices for economic what? independence
adjustinc to rapid physical and physiological changes are major challenges for who? adolescent
a major challenge for an adolescent is to maintain what? privacy
coping with social stresses and pressures are major challenges for who? adolescent
a major challenge for adolescents is to maintain open what? communication
developing positive health care practices and lifestyle choices are major challenges for who? adolescent
what age surge toward independence more pronounced? adolescent
it is difficult for adolescents to get along with who? parents
in adolescents what rapidly changes? bodies
adolescents experience intense what? sexual drives
what is one of the strongest needs of adolescents in society? conformity
Erikson is associated with what stage? intimacy
Piaget is associated with what stage? abstract reasoning
Freud is associated with what stage? genital
Adolescence begins in girls what age? 10-13
Adolescence is marked by rapid changes in _______ and function of various body parts structure
adolescence is distinguished by what? puberty
during childhood, boys and girls produce somewhat equal amounts of what? androgens and estrogen
what signals pituitary gland to stimulate other endocring glands to secrete hormones? hypothalamus
in adolesence, the age of what varies? puberty
adolesence occurs 2 years earlier in who? girls
growth spurt occurs by when? 18 years
major cause of weight gain is due to increased what? skeletal mass
the general apperance of adolescence tends to be what? awkward
long-legged and gangling (asynchrony) because different body parts mature how? different rates
sweat glands in adolescence are what? very active
oily skin and what are common in adolescence? acne
puberty begins with hormonal changes between what ages in boys? 10-13
what begins to grow on face, chest, axillae and pubic areas in boys? hair
what widen in boys? shoulders
what do pectoral muscles do in boys? enlarge
true/false: the voice deepens in boys true
genitals increase in size, pigment changes occur, and noctural emissions occur in who? boys
in boys, it is important to teach what testicle self-exams
puberty changes occur ___ - ____ before they occur in boys 6 months-2 years
early recognition in girls is by the onset of menustration which is called what? menarche
adolescence commonly occurs around what age? 12-13 years
in girls, what is deposited in hips, thighs and breasts? fat
in girls, energy balance, activity, and nutrition are important factors to evaluate when what is delayed? menustration
in psychosocial development, fluctuates during adolescence and molded by demands from a variety of people are included in the sense of what? identity
in psychosocial development, closely entwined with resolving of a person's sense of identity, period of trying and testing and need practice in making decisions are included in the sense of what? intimacy
in psychoscoial development, good of family takes precedence over personal goals, focus on values and ideals of family, decided to either embrace or seperate from family values and ideals are what considerations? cultural and spiritual
In psychosocial development, believe everyone is looking at them, take pride in their abilities and every effort is made to be like peers - grooming is important at this stage and it also includes daydreaming? realistic body image
In cognitive development, whose stage is systematic, sequential and orderly? Piaget
In cognitive development, whose stage is still in concrete phase of thinking? Piaget
In cognitive development, by middle adolescence, the ability to think abstractly has increased in whose stage? Piaget
In cognitive development, whose stage is formal operations? Piaget
In cognitive development, older adolescents can see situations from many what? viewpoints
in cognitive development, what kind of thinking emerges? abstract
nurse must focus on concrete issues and concerns when teaching early who? adolescents
able to sympathize and empathize are both important in what kind of development? cognitive
in what kind of development, can they understand their own values and actions? cognitive
in what kind of development, can you understand and accept differing values and actions from others? cognitive
what kind of relationships help adolescents feel like they belong? peer
what assumes an important role in peer relationships? school
in peer relationships, belonging to a what is extremely important? group
in peer relationships, what form? cliques
in peer relationships, develop close personal relationship with one peer of the? same sex
what is vitally important in helping adolescents define themselves? peer relationships
socail norms and pressures exerted by peers may cause what? problems
in career plans, to choose a career that is best-suited for them, they must first know what? themselves
who should observe intrests of their children and encourage them to take advantage of their talents? parents
school guidance counselor administers what kind of tests? aptitude
to be happy in career choices, adolescent must choose it how? own free will
in responsibility, parents must encourage their children to take on new challenges like what? working and driving
in order to take responsibility, the adolescent must be taught the value of what? money
in order to take responsibility, the adolescent must be taught how to use and balance what? checkbook
what is normal and natural behavior for this group? daydreams
daydreams are usually considered what? harmless
what is a valuable safety valve for the expression of strong feelings? daydreams
in sexual behavior, adolescents must meet and become acquainted with members of who? opposite sex
what is done in groups, couples or single couples? dating
what often occurs as a response to peer pressure? sexual experimentation
sexual behavior can affect what? growth and development
unplanned pregnancy and stis are 2 major complications of adolescent sexual interaction because few use what? protection
what can be challenging for the adolescent? sex education
what should be presented as age-appropriate? sex education
coping skills for dating and sexuality, pregnancy and birth can be reviewed in what? sex education
abstinence and contraception are discussed in what? sex education
in sex education, what is emphasized? decision-making
studies show that adolescents who obtain early sex education information from caring parents or well-informed adults do not have a higher rate of what? sexual activity
in sex education, concerns about being different include sexual maturity not being the same as what? peers
in sex education, homosexuality is what in adolescene? not uncommon
can it be difficult for parents to cope with adolescents? yes
some parents are unsure of their what and may hesitate to exert authority? opinions
adolescents need to talk about their what? fears
who need assistance in sorting out confused feelings? parents
in parenting, it is important to keep lines of communication what? open
health promotion includes adolescent warning signs and need for what? intervention
spending time on the what, early in the morning computer
changes the screen on the computer when a parents does what? enters the room
what kind of material is usually on the computer? pornographic
makes what kind of frequent calls? long-distance
in nutrition, what kind of deficiences are more common? dietary
what kind of requirements are more strongly correlated with sexual maturity ratings than with age? nutritional
in adolescents, skipped-meals, more between-meal snacks and does what more? eats out
in nutrition, what is most likely to be inadequately supplied, such as calcium, iron, vitamin b12 elements
what kind of diet needs good source of zinc, nuts and lagums? vegetarian
in vegetarian diet, high intake of grains, bran and foods rich in oxalic acid can impair absorption of what? iron
athletes exhaust reserves of what? muscle glycogen
eating a slowly absorbed glucose source will prevent the development of chronic low muscle what? energy stores
what deplete body water and should be avoided? caffeine and alcohol
what are detrimental to bone growth? anabolic steroids
in personal care, what is more frequent because of body changes? bathing
true/false: body piercings are common true
in dental health, what are adolescents at risk for because of inadequate dental maintenance and snack foods? dental caries
what fosters growth of plaque and accumulation of food particles? lack of hygiene
in personal care, sunbathing is important to teach and enforce the need for adequate sun protection to prevent what? skin cancer
it is important to protect eyes from prolonged exposure to what? sun
what is the most common accidents that kill and cripple adolescents at an alarming rate? motor vehicle
who should assess for eating disorder, amenorrhea and osteoporosis? nurse
in substance abuse, the need to conform, to be accepted, peer pressure and the emotional depression that often occur are strong influences for drug what? experimentation
if 2 or more letters of what are problem areas, the adolescent may be at risk for drug abuse? pace
drug use can precede the development of what? depression
a change in school performance, appearance or behavior can be a warning sign of what? depression
a threat of what is a call for help that must be taken care of without delay? suicide
who can help with depression by: recognizing depression, encouraging open communication, posting the numbers of available hotlines, identifying appropriate mechanisms and providing professional referrals? school nurse
what kind of pregnancy occurs while the girl is still struggling to deal with developmental issues? adolescent
age at which pregnancy intake, nutrition, taking vitamins-folic acid, sexual act are risk factors for what? adolescent pregnancy
tasks of an unplanned pregnancy can be broken down into how many trimesters? 3
what is the first task of adolescent pregnancy? confirmation
what is the second task of adolescent pregnancy? focus on newborns real
what is the third task of adolescent pregnancy? preparation for newborn and birth process
the nursing approach to adolescents are open lines of what? communication
the nursing approach to provide for what? privacy
the nursing approach is to ensure what? confidentiality and respect
guide parents concerning the need to listen, understand and share with their adolescent is the nursing approach to what? adolescents
nutrition, dental care, personal care, accident prevention, money and time managment and substance abuse are factors of what? health care teaching
period of human development beginning with puberty and ending with young adulthood adolescence
lack of occurence in time, a growing child may look gangling because of this asynchrony
the beginning of menstrual and reproductive functions in girls menarche
the period during which the secondary sexual characteristics develop and the ability to procreate is attained puberty
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