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Peds Chap 19

CCC - Pediatrics Chapter 19

What is the general age of the school-age child? 6-12
The school-age child is more engrossed in fact than what? fantasy
6-12 year olds develop close relationships with who outside of the family group? peers
School-aged children are often judged by their what? performance
Sense of industry and development of positive self-esteem directly influenced by who? peers
In the school-aged child, progress from the ____ of writing or reading to _______ what is written or read skill; understanding
The school aged child must work toward a delayed what? reward
Parents of a school-aged child need to be guided to understand that multiple unsuccessful experiences can lead to the development of a fear of what? trying
Erikson developed the stage of what? industry
Freud is assoociated what what? sexual latency
Piaget is asssociated with what that deals with understanding cause and effect? concrete operations
Between 6 and 12, what becomes very important in the developmental process? self-esteem
6-12 year old are evaluated according to these contributions social
In 6-12 year olds, ______ about themselves are important and should be assessed feelings
In school-aged children, physical growth slows until when? just before puberty
In school-aged children, _____ is more rapid than increased in height weight gain
In physical growth of school-age children, what has reached the approximate adult size? brain
In school-age children, muscular coordination is what? improved
In school-age children, in physical growth, there is a lower center of what? gravity
What age does the loss of primary teeth begin? 6
In the school age child, how many permanent teeth erupt per year? 4
In physical growth of school-aged child, what is more mature? gi tract
true/false: in the school aged child, the stomach capacity increases true
true/false: in the school aged child, the caloric needs decrease true
In physical growth of school-aged child, what grows slowly? heart
In the school-aged child, the heart is smaller in proportion to what? body size
In the school-aged child, what is not correlated with emotional maturity? size
what can occur in the school-aged child when a child faces higher expectations because he or she is taller and heavier than peers? problems
In the gender identity, what sex role is a developed influence by who? parents
In the school aged child, there is differential treatment and identification by? family and society
In the influence of school environment of gender identity, what behavior is more accepted in boys than girls? aggressive
Incorporation of traditionally masculine and feminine positive attributes in the school-aged child, may lead to fuller what? human functioning
Sex education is what kind of process? lifelong
Sex education is accomplished less by talking or formal instruction than by the whole climate of the what? home
In sex education, questions should be answered how? simply
In sex education, the correct names for what should be used? genitalia
In sex education, private masturbation is what? normal
In sex education, who should be prepared for erections and nocturnal emissions? boys
In sex education, who should be prepared for menarche and taught how to use the supplies? girls
What can be taught in the context of the normal process and function of the human body? sex education
In sex education, what must be provided? facts
Education on how to prevent STIS and HIV/AIDS should be presented in what kind of terms? simple
Factual and concrete information is an essential component in what education? STIs
In explaining STIs, facts concerning harmful effects of drug and unprotected sex should be communicated to the child without what? scare tactics
When discussing sexuality with school-age children, it is necessary to review what kind of terms? slang or street
Most children hear the terms, but may be ______ about their meaning confused
Who bring what they have learned and experienced at home to school? children
Children may be unable to verbalize what? needs
What requires an integration of cognitive, receptive and expressive skills Success
What attitude must focus on: artistic expression, creativity, joy, cooperation, responsibility, industry and love? holistic
Anticipatory guidance includes review of normal what? physiology
Anticipatory guidelines includes how it changes with what? puberty
Anticipatory guidelines includes _____ is encouraged to ask questions at the time they arise? child
Parents and children should set what kind of goals? realistic
In school-related tasks, developement of what kind of awarness for things includes: attendance problems, tardiness and signs of loneliness or depression? heightened
In what kind of tasks is it important to continue to enourage children to discuss school problems, feelings and worries school-related
In school-related tasks, what is the responsibility of the child? homework
What involves increased physical and intellectual skills and some fantasty? play
What of the school-age child involves membership in a group of some type-team sports, competition, enables the child to feel powerful and in control? culture
In play, mastering new skills helps the child feel a sense of what? accomplishment
What is essential to growth and development? play
What provides the link between spontaneity of childhood and disciplined adult activities? play
When observing _______, some elements to assess include: motivation and intensity of engagment, relation to reality or creativity, choosing how to play, self-control, sharing and skills being used play
In a Latchkey child, subject to higher rate of what and are at risk of feeling isolated and alone accidents
What kind of child requires a back-up adult to be available to the child in case of emergencies? latchkey
What age is energetic and on the go? 6
What age likes to start tasks, but does not always complete them? 6
What age talks for a purpose rather than the sake of talking? 6
The 6-year olds vocabulary consists of how many words? 2500
The 6-year-old requires how many hours of sleep per night? 11-13
What age does boys and girls play together, but begin to prefer to associate with children of the same sex? 6
The 6-year-old needs time and support to help adjust to what? school
In the 6-year-old, who must observe for signs and fatigue and stress? parents
The 6 year old has increased exposure to what? infectious diseases
In 6 years old, it is important to stress? immunizations
What age sets high standards for themselves? 7
The 7-year-old has a good sense of what? humor
The 7 year old is more what? modest
What age enjoys being active but also enjoys periods of rest? 7
What age knows seasons and months? 7
The 7 year old understands beginning concept of what? math
In the 7 year old, what is steadier? hands
In the 7 year old, what kind of play is still important? active
The 7 year old becomes more what? independent
What age wants to do everything? 8
What age can play alone for a longer period of time? 8
What age is creative, enjoys group activites, behaves better for company than for family? 8
What worship is evident in the 8 year old? hero
Arms and hands begin to grow faster than rest of body at what age? 8
What age does muscles better develop and who enjoys competitive sports? 8
What age likes to argue? 8
What age is it important to teach child how to express anger in an acceptable manner? 8
What age is dependable? 9
What age shows more interest in family activities? 9
9-year olds assume more what? responsibilites
What age is more likely to complete tasks? 9
What age is more able to accept criticism for their actions? 9
What age worries and milk compulsions are common? 9
What age is hand and eye coordination well-developed? 9
What age is manual activites managed with each skill? 9
9-year olds sleep about how many hours each night? 10
Permanent teeth are still erupting at what age? 9
What age is more active in competitive sports? 9
What age is it important to teach proper technique and the use of adequate safety devices? 9
What age marks the beginning of preadolescence? 10
Who are physically more mature? girls
What age begins to show self-direction? 10
10 year olds want to be what? independent
In what age is group ideas more important than individual ones? 10
Sexual curiosity continues in what age? 10
In the 10 year old, who are more poised? girls
What kind of terms are used in the 10 year old? slang
The 10 year old, begins to identify theirselves with skills that pertain to what? sex role
The 10 year old, takes more interest in what? personal appearance
The 10 year old knows what kind of numbers? abstract
What age likes to apologize? 11-12
What age is intense, observant and energetic? 11-12
In the 11-12 year olds, what influence on physical growth more apparent? hormone
What age needs freedom within limits and recognition they are no longer infants? 11-12
11-12 year olds are less concerned with what? appearance
What age seems preoccupied? 11-12
What ages ability to concentrate decreases? 11-12
What participation is still important for 11-12 year olds? group
What age is interested in their bodies and watch for signs of growing up? 11-12
What age needs freedom within limits and recognition that they are no longer infants? 11-12
What age should know why parents make a decision? 11-12
What enables the 11-12 year old to understanc and accept reasonable discipline? conscience
What age avoids constant verbal nagging? 11-12
What are good teaching tools for 11-12 year olds? Chores
What is usually given in spring preceding school admission? health examinations
If __________ at school should be screened for vision or hearing deficits and language or learning disabilities? inattentive
What assess the physical activity and school performance? health examinations
What is the twitching of eyes and flipping of hair? TICS
If ill, who can understand simple explanataions of the illness? school-age child
Need time and place to do what? study
Must learn to take responsibility for their what? assigments and supplies
An allowance or at least a means of earning money provides children with opportunities to learn its what? value
Pets that have close contact with children have the potential of transmitting what? disease
What kind of children benefit by interacting with pets? handicapped
By having a pet, it allows what kind of children who feel seperated from other perople to feel companionship and positive attitude? ill
Age of child, allergies, immune issues are major deciding factors for what? pet ownership
What can occur via contact with the pet's saliva, feces or urine, or by inhalation or skin contact with organisms? infection
What can be further reduced if children are cautioned not to kiss pets, do not allow animals to sleep in bed with them and are encouraged to perform hand hygiene? risk factors
Having an allergy to animal dander does not always rule out having a what? pet
What are most often the allergen offender because the allergens are secreted in the saliva and by sebaceous glands? cats
If what kind of pet is in the home, more frequent bathing of the animal can reduce some of the allergens? allergenic
What don't shed and would be a good pet? poodles
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