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What is a city? A large and densely populated urban area
What is a town? A smaller urban area with a fixed boundery
What is the economy? The combination of business and work done within a region
What is administration? The work of a managing place
What are social activities? The interaction between people
Where is a rural settlement Found in the countryside can range in size from single houses to a cluster or village
What is an urban settlement? A built up area that has developed over time, they began as small clusters and then grew in size, functions such as trade and industry are carried out here
What is a primate city? A size that is twice the size of the next largest city in that country, population wise
What is decentralization? Transferring power from central government to areas throughout the country
Name and explain two types of urban settlements Defensive; located on a ridge or elevation for easy defence of a site Nodal point; settlements that developed where routes met or converged
Give 3 examples of functional zones Business and shopping areas,residential area and open space
What is a function of a city? The activity of a city
What is a zonation? An are witch has a characteristic that can be recognized and mapped
What is the CBD? and give an example of one Central business district,lower Manhattan New York
What is a residential area? and give an example Urban areas where people live, Little Italy, New York
What is an open space? and give an exaple Areas of a city that are not built upon, Central Park, New York
Where do industries tend to locate? Where land is cheaper and where there are good lines of communication
What is a commuter? A person who lives in the suburbs and travels to work in the city
What are the times of rush hour? 8-9am and 5-6pm
What is the QBC? Quality Bus Corridor
What is the DART? Dublin Area Rapid Transprot
Name three types of urban problems Zones of decline, unemployment and crime
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