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Science Chapter 6

Life science chapter 6 section one ideas about evolution

What is a speices? A speices is a group of organisims that share simular charictictics and can. reproduce among themselvs to produce fertile ofspring
What is evolution? Evolution is the way a speices has changed to adapt to the enviorment around temselvs.
What was jean Baptiste de lamarck's theory of evolution? His theory was he thought that the charistics developed from the parents lifetime were passed on to the parent organisims ofspring.
Jean's theory correct? no, Large muscles that are developed in the parent's lifetime are not passed to the ofspring so his theory was inncorrect.
Aboard what vesel did Dawrwin sail on from england? Dawrin saild on the beagle to collect plant and animal life in south amarica and his voyage reached as far out to the Galapagos islands.
What was the diffrance between the 13 speices of finches that Darwin found on the Galapagos islands and how does this proove his theory correct? The diffrences were in body size, beak shape, and eating habbits. this prooved his theory correct because it showed how the speices had evolved to adapt to their habatat.
What does natural selection mean? It means that the speices that is the best suited to the enviorment willsurvive.
What is variation? It is what makes a speciman of a certain speices diffrent from the others of the same speices.
What is adaptation? Adaptation any variation of any kind that mkes that animal better suited for the enviorment that it is living in.
What is Gradulisim? Gradulisim is the idea that through a seiries of mutations and variations that eventually a new speices is created and a new branch is added to the tree.
What is puncuated equlibriam? puncuated equlibriam is a model that through a few genarations of mutations and variations a new speices.
Created by: Drobot