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What are land bridges? Narrow strips of land.
What are Pre-Christian settlements? Settlements established before the arrival of St.Patrick in the 5th century.
Pre-Christian settlers need water,what for? For washing,cleaning,cooking and drinking.
Name a river where Pre-Christian settlers, settled? The Boyne Valley, Co.Meath.
Who were Hunter Gathers? Early settlers, the stone age settlers. They hunted animals and collected nuts and berries.
Who were the Celts? The people who built defence settlements in Ireland.
Name 3 types of defence settlements Celts built Hill forts, promontory forts and crannógs.
What is a tuath? An old Irish word meaning tribe and territory.
Who were the Vikings? A group of settlers who came from Scandinavia on longboats.
Where did they settle? Dublin,Wexford,Waterford
Where or who did they like to raid? Monks on monasteries (e.g Clonmacniose Co.Offaly)
When did the Normans invade Ireland? The 12th Century
What did the Normans build? give examples Defensive settlements e.g stone castles
Give 3 examples of plantation settlements. Portlaoise, Youghal and Donegal
When did the plantations happen? During the sixteenth and seventeenth cenuturies
What is a primate city? A city that is twice the size of the next largest city in the country, population wise. e.g Dublin
Why has Dublin developed into a primate city? It holds the seat of government(Dáil Eireann) It is thee center of trade It is the route focus within Ireland
What is a polder? Area where land has been reclaimed from the sea
Give and example of a polder. The Netherlands(Zuider Zee Project)
What was the Zuider Zee project? The reclamation of land from the sea between 1927 and 1968
How are polders made? A dyke is built around the area to be reclaimed. The water is then drained. Water is pumped back into the sea. Polder takes about 10 years to dry out. Then it can be used for farming or settlement
Give an example of a ring road. Emmerlood
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