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List the 6 characteristics which living things share. Made of cells. Use energy. Respond to their environment. Grow and develop. Reproduce. Made of chemicals of life including proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, and DNA
What is the function of a cell membrane? Barrier between the cell and the environment, and controls what enters and exits the cell
What is the function of a cytoplasm? Region or space between the cell membrane and the nucleus
What is the function of a nucleus? Cell part that controls the cell's functions
What is the function of a mitochondria? Where cellular respiration and energy production occurs
What are the functions of ribosomes? Produce proteins
What is the function of an endoplasmic reticulum? Holds ribosomes and helps make proteins
What are the functions of Golgi bodies? Packs proteins and ships them wherever they need to go
What are the functions of chloroplasts? Does photosynthesis in the plant cell
What is the function of a cell wall? Supports and surrounds the plant cell
What is the function of a vacuole? Stores water, nutrients, waste, and other materials
What happens during interphase in the cell cycle? Cells grow and DNA is copied
What happens during prophase in the cell cycle? DNA coils up into chromosomes and the nuclear membrane dissolves
What happens during metaphase in the cell cycle? Chromosomes line up at the center of the cell
What happens during anaphase in the cell cycle? Chromosomes split and begin to get pulled to opposite ends of the cell
What happens during telophase in the cell cycle? New nuclear membranes form around the DNA in each cell
What happens during cytokinesis in the cell cycle? Cytoplasm splits in two and a new cell membrane is formed
Are most organisms on Earth unicellular or multicellular? Unicellular
What is cell differentiation? The process in which cells throughout an organism develop differently to perform different functions
What does unicellular mean? Organisms that are made of only one cell
What does multicellular mean? Organisms that are made of multiple cells
Give 3 examples of specialized cells and their functions. Red blood cell-carries oxygen to all cells in your body Muscle cell-contracts to allow you to move Root cell-absorbs water from a plant's environment
What is the role of DNA in cell differentiation? In differentiated cells, some DNA is turned off, and only the active DNA guides the particular cell's development
What are the 4 levels of organization in a multicellular organism, simplest to complex? Cells, tissues, organs, organ systems
Name 3 organ systems and describe their function. Muscular system-allows you to move Respiratory system-brings oxygen into you body and gets rid of carbon dioxide Circulatory system-moves oxygen and nutrients around your body to each of your cells
What are 2 reasons why it is beneficial to be a unicellular organism? One, assexual reproduction is faster and requires less energy and two, you can rely on diffusion to move materials around the cell rather than spending energy
What are 2 reasons why it is beneficial to be a multicellular organism? One, sexual reproduction allows more genetic diversity and two, if injured, cell may be replaced, allowing tissues to heal
Created by: jay_hart33