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ELA Ch.1-2 voc

ELA vocarbary

Temperture a measure of the warmth or coldness of a object
Challenge to engage in any contest, as of skill,or strength
Rugged having a roughly broken, rocky, hilly,or jagged surface
Renamed to name again
Warming something that seres to warm, give notice or caution
Paramdetic a person who is trained to assist a phyisican or to give first aid or other health care
Escalator a continuosly moiving stairway on an endless loop
Stride to work with long steps
admit to allow to enter or afford entrance to
Wrestler one who engages in wrestling
Uphill up or as if up the slop of a hill
Hustled to preceed or work rapidly
Kneeled to go down or rest
First-aid emergency aid or treatment given to someone injured