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Tone Words List 2

Tone Words R7

accusatory blaming other people
ambivalent having conflicting feelings
amused entertained; thinking it is funny
angry mad
anxious worried or excited
apathetic indifferent; doesn't care; not interested
apologetic sorry
appreciative grateful; thankful
arrogant too proud
awe solemn wonder; amazement
beguiling deceptive; cheating
bewilderment confusion
bitter angry or hateful
bored, boring not interested
callous insensitive
calm relaxed; not excited
candid straightforward; blunt
cheerful happy
concerned worried or interested
condescending looking down on other people; feeling superior
contemplative studying; thinking; reflective
contemptuous disrespectful; scornful
courteous nice; respectful
critical finding fault
cruel mean; hurtful
curious wanting to find out more
cynical questioning the truth or sincerity; skeptical
defensive defending
defiant going against authority
depressed unhappy, sad
desperate  frantic; without many options
determination  not giving up
determined not giving up
didactic trying to teach something
diplomatic trying not to offend people
direct straightforward; honest
disappointed discouraged; unhappy because something went wrong
disdainful scornful
disgusting yucky
dissatisfied unhappy; not satisfied
dramatic theatrical
earnest sincere; honest; intense
eccentric odd; strange; different
egotistical thinking only about himself; self-centered
eloquent expressing ideas in a nice way; poetic; good with words
encouraging optimistic; trying to convince you to do something because of a belief that you can do it
enthusiastic excited; energetic
envious jealous
excited anxious
expectant waiting
fanciful using the imagination; imaginative
fearful afraid
formal respectful, appropriate behavior
forthright direct; honest without hesitation
friendly the way a person treats friends
frustrated angry because of not being able to do something
funny humorous; amusing
gentle not hurtful; careful
gloomy dark; sad; depressed
happy cheerful; in a good mood
hateful hating something or someone; angry hate
haughty proud; vain; arrogant
honest truthful
hopeful looking forward to something; optimistic
humorous funny
hysterical very scared
idealistic thinking of what is best; optimistic; not realistic 
imaginative creative; using the imagination
impersonal not personal
indifferent unconcerned; not interested
indignant angry because something is not fair
informal not formal; relaxed
innocent not guilty
inspirational encouraging; reassuring
intimate very familiar; the way one talks to close friends or family
ironic different than what is expected or the opposite of what is meant
irritated annoyed
jovial happy
judgmental judging others; critical
lackadaisical lazy
lethargic sleepy
lighthearted happy, carefree
lofty arrogant
macabre about death
malevolent mean; angry; purposely hateful
malicious purposely hurtful; very mean
matter-of-fact truthful; accepting of conditions; straightforward
melancholy sad
mischievous playing tricks for fun
mocking scornful; ridiculing; making fun of someone
negative unhappy; pessimistic
nervous worried
neutral not good nor bad; not for nor against
nostalgic thinking about the past; wishing for something from the past
objective without prejudice; without discrimination; fair 
optimistic hopeful; cheerful
patient willing to wait; not in a hurry
patronizing looking down on others; acting superior
pensive thinking, thoughtful
perplexed confused; puzzled
persuasive trying to convince
pessimistic seeing the bad side of things
poetic expressing beautiful thoughts or words
proud full of pride in something; thinking that something is better than others
quizzical questioning; eccentric; odd; amusing
reflective thoughtful; meditative; thinking 
regret feeling bad about the past
relaxation, relaxed relaxed; not worried; not busy
relieved stop being worried
remorseful very sad; sorrowful; regretful
reverent respectful; treating something with honor and respect
rude not polite
sad, sadness unhappy
sarcastic sneering; saying the opposite of what you mean as a way of being unfriendly or making a point 
sardonic scornful; very sarcastic
satirical making fun of something to show its weakness or to teach a lesson
sentimental thinking about feelings, especially when remembering the past
serious not funny; not joking
sincere honest; truthful; earnest
snobbish acting as though one is better than everyone else; egocentric
solemn sad or quiet reflection
solitude loneliness
stiff formal, serious
straightforward direct; honest
stubborn refusing to give in
surprised startled; amazed
suspense, suspenseful wondering what will happen next
sympathetic compassionate; understanding of how someone feels
tearful sad
tense nervous
thankful grateful; giving thanks
threatening menacing
tolerant accepting of others
tragic very sad
urgent insistent; saying something must be done soon
vindictive revengeful; wanting to get back at someone
whimsical playful; funny; odd
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