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science vocab.

Vocabulary WordsMeaning
flood is a great flow of water over an area that is usually dry land.
weathering A slow destructive process tats breaks down rocks.
mechanical Weathering breaking of rock into smaller pieces by gravity,ice,plant roots, or other factors.
chemical weathering is the changing of materials in a rock by chemical processes.
erosion is the movement of materials away from one place.
deposition is the materials in a new place.
landslide occurs when gravity quickly pulls rocks and dirt downhill.
volcano is an opening in earths crust through which steam,lava, and ashes erupt.
earthquake is the shaking of earths surface caused by the relase of energy along a fault.
mixture two or more substances that are mixed together but not chemically combined
solution one or more substances are dissolved in another substance.
sifting smaller materials pass throughout holes leaving the larger materials behind.
magnetism is a force that pulls on certain objects.
polution is the release of harmful things into the environment A pollutant is the substance that is released from a source of polution.
foltation is the process of useing a liquid to sparate materials of diffrent densities.
filtaration it seperate solid from liquads.
evaoration is the changeing of liquad water to water vapor
chormatography is a process of separating substances by dissolving them in special liquids.
solute the substance that dissolves
sovent the substance which the solute is being dissloved
concentration the solution is a measure of the amount of solute compared to the amount of solvent
rate of solution how quickly a solute dissolves
compound a type of matter made of a combination of elements
Motion is the change in position of an object
Point of reference The location against which motion is measured is know as the point of reference.
Force A force is a push or pull that acts on an object
gravity is the force of attraction that exists between any two objects.
friction is a force that resists the movement of one surface past another surface
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