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South Asia

Eastern Geography

What are the major religions of South Asia? Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam
What other cultures are related to the Aryans who established Indian civilization? Most European cultures
What must one do to be a good Hindu? Follow duty of caste, honor cows, marry within one's caste (these duties are known as dharma)
What must one do to be a good Buddhist? Follow Eightfold Path and 4 Noble Truths; 8- think and act positively and meditate to reach enlightenment; 4- Realize that getting rid of desire will cause no more suffering
Compare and contrast Nirvana and Moksha Nirvana is where one ceases to exist while moksha is where one rejoins or reunifies with God (loss of induviduality)
Describe the Hindu caste system Each caste more "pure" than the one below; only way to escape is to obey dharma and get reborn into higher caste; very oppressing and controlling; considered 4 castes and then the pariahs- known as untouchables
Why do so many people live in Northern India? A lot of rivers provides fertile soil and water which gives an abundance of food; and the have a mild climate- tropical wet and dry
Summarize the historical development of Hinduism Indus River Valley Civ. had 3 gods: one of whom was the mother goddess; Aryan Religion had many gods that reflect natural phenomena(similar to Greek gods);two together produced Hinduism which has a 3 faced God where all "gods" are one-Visnu:all purpose
Describe how British rule changed India wrecked their econ b/c only wanted India making raw materials, no finished products- can make more money off of finished products;limited their freedom and outlawed some religious practices;split India; provide better railroads, water systems, health care
Why is the Pakistan-Inda conflict significant? They both have nukes and it would affect the whole world if they ended up getting into a nuclear war
Describe the roots of the Kashmir conflict During Pakistan-India split, Kashmir voted to be part of Pakistan and the majority was muslim but the governor was hindu and decided to stay with India. A lot of people were misplaced and Kashmir ends up being divided in fighting:India(2/3)Pakistan(1/3)
Compare and contrast Islam and Buddhism Essay
What are monsoons? Seasonal shift in wind direction; causes wet and dry seasons; wet- summer; dry- winter
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